Monday, February 6, 2012

5 Questions | The Martini Diva

Again we have a double guests show this week but let us take some time to introduce you to our Girlfriend in Cocktails...The Martini Diva with our popular 5 Questions.

1.  Cocktails seem to inspire you.  What else inspires you?

When it comes to my martini recipes just about anything can inspire me. Food in general inspires me and I've done many martinis based on cooking recipes like my Gazpacho Martini or Fruit Salad Martini.  I have a whole page of cocktail recipes devoted to Dessert Martinis like my Peach Melba Martini and my Strawberry Shortcake Martini! 

 Current events and holidays can inspire me!  I have a Tax Free Martini and a recipe created specifically for the wedding of Prince William. I have a whole page of Holiday Martinis with several for the major holidays like Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day and specific ones for those commemorative or special holidays like National Parfait Day or National Pickle Day and, of course, I have a Wedding Martini and an Anniversary Martini as well as a Divorce Martini!

2.  Did you design the art for your new ebook?

Yes, as a professional graphic designer by profession, I design all of the artwork for all of my books - not just my e-books.  The books themselves are for sale on Amazon under The Martini Diva and you can buy both on my Books page at The Martini  I also design all my martini recipe cards which can be downloaded for free on my website or can be purchased as postcards you can mail at The Martini Diva Boutique.

3.  Who would you love to sit down and have cocktails with, besides The Divas?

I think it would be great fun to have Alexander the Great because he was quite handsome and it's said he knew how to party, Albert Einstein and Mark Twain would be wonderful because both had a lovely sense of humor.  I'd like to have one of the Greek Philosophers as a guest because it's always good to have at least one pontificator at your party to raise the level of conversation (maybe Diogenes because he and Alexander were contemporaries).

 I'd have to invite Julius Caesar just for the gossip on Ancient Rome and to ask him if he really did say "Et Tu, Brute" and then I'd have to invite Cleopatra and Mark Antony because a romantic triangle always adds some spice to a party!  Then maybe Attila the Hun because it's good to have at least one bad boy in attendance and he'd make a good bouncer.

Then I'd like to add a little Golden Age of Hollywood to the mix with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, Shirley MacLaine, Marilyn Monroe, Cary Grant, Jack Lemmon, Elizabeth Taylor and Bette Davis.  Finally I think it would round out a nice blend of people with a few of today's celebrities including Cher, just to see what she'd wear and Pierce Brosnan because I think he's gorgeous.

4.  If you could serve Patti Stringer, the Millionaire MatchMaker a drink what would it be?

Patti Stringer would have to be served my Too Many Frogs Martini - if you've kissed too many frogs you probably need a matchmaker and one who sets you up with millionaires is a good choice!

5.  Favorite snack to have with a cocktail?

I think bruschetta is always nice with cocktails.  You can get as creative with bruschetta as you can with your cocktails and always have a nice pairing.  I also like popcorn because it's a healthy snack and you can dress it up to complement your martini flavors as well. 

And you guys thought we chatted alot, that's some cocktail party she's planning!  The Martini Diva will be sharing her favorite Valentine Cocktail with you this Saturday 8AM on the hottest show on BlogTalk.  We'll also have Chef Amadeus in the studio prepping you for a smoochalicious Valentine's dinner.

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