Tuesday, February 14, 2012

28 Day Diet | day 22

When was the last time you talked to one of your high school chums?  Or the girl from your neighborhood that you promised you'd always be best friends with?  Sure you've friended them on Facebook but have you talked without using your fingers?  Well it's time to connect, make a phone call and have a real heart to heart.  Doing this activity Dr. Oz suggest our relationships manifest in more ways than we know.  Never underestimate the impact you have on a loved one.  We see many people in our society looking for love, that last conversation to save them from the edge or in our case with this diet - eating that bag of Doritos in the snack cabinet.  Look at that you could really not only improve your healthy outlook but that of an old friend all thanks to Dr. Oz oh and the StyleDIVA of course!

I'd like to introduce you guys to a new friend of mine who is going to be starting the 28 Day Diet this week.  Bobbie from @ItsBobbiesWorld and from the blog www.itsbobbiesworld.blogspot.com.  Let's give her a Virtual Cheers with our diamond-studded cocktail glass for stepping up to the challenge and running with the torch (with high heel stilettos on!) .  She's ready to lose 40 by 40 - cheer her on! 

Can you handle the 28 Day Diet?  Join Bobbie and I as we keep reaching toward our goals of a better, healthier and stronger Diva!

Only YOU can do this! 

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