Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cocktail Diva Advice Segment

Erika and I always have so much to say that when I started reading my favorite magazines I dreamed up the idea of offering some STRAIGHT no CHASER advice to the questions I saw.  So this little video are my responses to some of the wacky questions people submit to magazines.  Hopefully I can get Erika to chime in with me!

Trust me there will be more of these - It was a blast! 

With Style,


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dirty Martini | She's Gone With The Wind Fabulous

If you are ever in need of maximizing your "15 minutes" of fame and need some advice, I suggest that you make a b-line and have a chat with former Miss USA and Real Housewife (I'm still scratching my head on that one because girlfriend is not married nor does she have a boyfriend) Kenya Moore.  I'll tell you this, this woman has mastered the art of stretching time because she sure is squeezing the hell out of these 900 seconds she's been given!

This woman is a genius, with catchy sound bites such as "I'm gone with the wind fabulous", rolling around in the sand, and let's not forget showing up at an event for cast-mate NeNe Leakes wearing a thong swimsuit, lace cover-up and butt pads she is doing everything within her powers to remain relevant.  Talk about seizing the opportunity.

As if we could get enough of Ms. Moore, debuts her new music video for her single "Gone With The Wind Fabulous" and bay-bee I about peed my pants when I watched it.  In this video no housewife or ex-boyfriend was safe from Ms. Moore.  I have to give it to her it was very entertaining however I don't see myself rocking to her tune during my next workout.  Weather you love her or hate her you have to give her this, girlfriend can work the hell out of 15 minutes/900 seconds of fame.

Now twirl...twirl...twirl...twirl!

And you have been served your dirty martini!



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