Monday, February 20, 2012

28 Day Diet | Day 28 WE MADE IT

This is it....we have cleaned the pantry (or cabinet), learned to meditate, forgave some folks and lots of other intriguing activities as we have journeyed along with Dr. Oz on this 28 Day Diet.  I had lots of fun how about you?

Before you start celebrating our victory we have one final activity that we need to do because this is officially the final day of the diet.  Spread kindness - it's simple and such an appropriate way to end our journey.  Now how does this help you in your diet quest you might ask?  Because it boost your mood of course.  If you are in a better mood it's going to be easier to do the right thing like shake your finger at that 3 layer cake at the birthday celebration you attend.  Also what better time to take on this activity as we are in the month where we all should be celebrating Random Acts of Kindness, although I do it all the time.  Do something today out of the ordinary, here's a few that I've done in the past:

Help someone pack their groceries at the store
Pay for someone's meal that is behind you in the drive thru
Help someone with directions
Go visit with an elderly neighbor
Take some carnations to a hospital floor

I'm sure you have some others on your list that you could share with us too.

Well this is the end and I hope you all have learned alot about what you can do to get to a Better You like I have.  I really did gain some awareness that was only enhanced by blogging about my experience.  I'll hit the scales today and report back to let you know if I achieved any weight loss success but all in all I have gained some really great tips and an understanding of what I can do for a lifestyle change.

With Style,


Sunday, February 19, 2012

28 Day Diet | Day 27

Pledge to Never Be Hungry - Make that promise to yourself and it's easier than you think.  Snacks, snacks and more snacks will help you be prepared BUT make sure they are nutritious.  Dr. Oz says to carry an arsenal of satisfying eats so that the snack monster doesn't force you to the vending machine.  There are some healthy snacks that are travel and Louis Vuitton purse friendly:

Somersault Snack - Sunflowers seeds in zesty chili, Pacific sea salt and a dash of ground pepper.  Me likey!

Justin's Nut Butter - Honey peanut butter in a perfectly portion size bag?  Hmm...tempting

Wild Garden Hummus Dip - Cute little packets of your favorite flavors to slather your carrots in.  Sun-dried tomato with olive oil and no need to keep in the fridge - WOW

Blue Diamond Almonds - Just a handful of these will fuel you until you make that spectacular dinner.  Try them with wasabi and tangy soy sauce or in spicy barbecue. 

What's your favorite healthy snack buster?  Let's add some more to the list so we are all prepared to chop that high calorie treat we normally enjoy in half.  Oh BTW if you click on the links for each of the products you might just find a coupon for one of your favs.  @SisterSaveALot would be so proud!

With Style,



Saturday, February 18, 2012

28 Day Diet | Day 26

A lil bit of stretching to get the day started feels so good.  Dr. Oz recommends a seven to ten minute session but I already have to meditate (geesh!) so 3 minutes works for me.  Besides the obvious reasons to stretch as soon as you rise - flexibility - it also makes you stronger.  Remember Only You can Make Yourself Strong.  Below are a few stretches he offered in the article:

The Hippie - Pretend your head weighs 500 pounds, and let it pull you down, Bend one knee and hold for 15 seconds, then change legs.

The Pecs Flex - As you lift your hands as high as possible, squeeze your shoulder blades together and open your chest.

The Leaning Tower - Try to elongate your body by creating the greatest amount of distance possible between your left pinkie and your left heel.  Hold for 15 seconds, then switch sides. 

The Hippie!

You can find more stretch positions on Dr. Oz's site.  Make up your own routine and customize it to fit your early morning mood.  Feeling great yet?

Friday, February 17, 2012

28 Day Diet | Day 25

Are you a yes girl?  Don't be ashamed to admit it, I too am a recovering one.  I think that as we ahem...mature we learn that yes can't be the answer to every request we receive.  Can you imagine if Oprah told everybody YES?  If she tells me YES I won't be mad at her though.  I wonder if she's gotten my emails?  I digress...Dr. Oz's suggestion today is....It's alright to say NO.  It's not that you don't want to grant everyone's wishes but essentially you need to protect your health from chronic stress by not saying yes to everything.  Now don't take this as free license to say no to everything your honey ask for.  I can hear you now, "Well Dr. Oz and the StyleDIVA said...."  Be constructive in your no's.  Tell folks maybe a no right now could be a yes later but for now it's a no.  Here's the mantra I want you to practice, "Less Yes for Less Stress."

With Style,


**Disclaimer - You can still say NO to EXCUSES!  Isn't that right @marlinpage?**

Thursday, February 16, 2012

28 Day Diet | Day 24

Warning:  If you are eating your automated breakfast of Grapefruit and Greek Yogurt please refrain from reading this post until after you are done.

With that being said, ladies....have you ever looked at your poop?  I'm not trying to get too personal but our loyal companion in health Dr. Oz says it can tell us alot about our general health.  Yeah, I know I'm a flush and go kinda girl but I'll admit this one had me intrigued.  If any of you are like me however you might have to wait until that special moment when you have to go in order to check this one off of your list.  My irregularity is a common regularity with me if you know what I mean.  Okay now that you know all about my troubles let's take a look at what YOU should be looking for when examining your, er Poo.

The size and color of your stool can let you know if you need to make changes in your diet.  For example a lack of fiber could be the reason for small, hard stools or days in between going to the um, toilet.  Is anyone else feeling uncomfortable with this conversation?  Now let's talk color.  Dr. Oz suggest that if your stool resembles any of the colors below you need to have a one on one with your physician.

RED - Bleeding in the lower gastrointestinal tract or diverticulosis
GREEN - Crohn's disease
CREAM - Gallbladder dysfunction 
WHITE  - Pancreatic cancer
BLACK - Bleeding in the upper gastrointestinal tract

Trust me I'm not trying to scare the ish out of you but just think if you find these signs early enough you can get the issue corrected for an opportunity of better health.

PS.  No graphics today I couldn't quite think of the best image to put, a toilet would have been weird and no one wants to see a pic of a pile of poop.  IJS

PSS.  Confession time, I grazed last night.  That is all

Hope you are still enjoying our 28 day journey together.  If you had to make a pit stop or fell off the wagon it's cool, just jump back in I'd love nothing better to help you get back on track.

With Style,


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

28 Day Diet | Day 23

Bacteria in your mouth doesn't sound appealing at all but if you neglect to do today's activity that is exactly what you have.  Flossing is not only good for your dental health but for your heart health.  But only 1/2 of us floss on a regular basis, I'm guilty too!  My sister the Dental Hygenist is really on me to floss because she says it will be less work for her on my cleaning visits. :)  So the best way to floss, take a note from prosthodontist Jonathan Levine:
1.  Wrap 18 inches of floss around your middle fingers.  Push the floss through the tight space between two teeth. (This is called the contact)

2.  Hook the floss around one tooth in a C shape and slide it under the gum line.  Then move it back and forth over the tooth's surface, in a motion smiliar to shining a shoe.

3.  Before you pull the floss back through the contact, slide under the neighboring tooth's gum line and repeat the shoe-shining motion. 

Viola -- there you have it.  Flossing after each meal is recommended but even if you do it before bed that's better than nothing at all.  There are also some great products on the market to help you floss with no fuss.  Just check out the toothpaste aisle at your local Target or Walmart. 

With Style,


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

28 Day Diet | day 22

When was the last time you talked to one of your high school chums?  Or the girl from your neighborhood that you promised you'd always be best friends with?  Sure you've friended them on Facebook but have you talked without using your fingers?  Well it's time to connect, make a phone call and have a real heart to heart.  Doing this activity Dr. Oz suggest our relationships manifest in more ways than we know.  Never underestimate the impact you have on a loved one.  We see many people in our society looking for love, that last conversation to save them from the edge or in our case with this diet - eating that bag of Doritos in the snack cabinet.  Look at that you could really not only improve your healthy outlook but that of an old friend all thanks to Dr. Oz oh and the StyleDIVA of course!

I'd like to introduce you guys to a new friend of mine who is going to be starting the 28 Day Diet this week.  Bobbie from @ItsBobbiesWorld and from the blog  Let's give her a Virtual Cheers with our diamond-studded cocktail glass for stepping up to the challenge and running with the torch (with high heel stilettos on!) .  She's ready to lose 40 by 40 - cheer her on! 

Can you handle the 28 Day Diet?  Join Bobbie and I as we keep reaching toward our goals of a better, healthier and stronger Diva!

Only YOU can do this! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Special Valentine Night Dinner | Guest Blogger Beautiful Beyond Dreams

Dinner for Two: 3 Courses & a Mocktail under $30.00!!

I love to cook and I love to save money.  With Valentine’s Day near I wanted to provide you with a great 3 course dinner for two plus a yummy mocktail (if you drink insert “cocktail”) all for under 30 bucks!! Yes, you heard me right…appetizer, dinner, dessert and drinks for two hungry people under $30 dollars...I promise you will end the night feeling full and happy!!

This 3 course dinner is restaurant worthy, but involves some creative and smart thinking, coupons, and a lot of kitchen fun! Below you will find the costs of all the items purchased along with pictures showing you the finished result and the actual total price.

Don’t just cook to cook…cook to eat a dinner that you and your significant other will rave about for months! Remember to have fun in the kitchen and be sure to taste everything along the way, just make sure you leave room for dinner!

Dinner for Two: 3 Courses & a Mocktail under $30.00!!

Appetizer: $5.50

Tomato Basil Soup with Mini Paprika Garlic Bread Sticks

(Ingredients: Progresso Tomato Basil Soup($2.50), Hoagie Rolls($1.00), 1 bag shredded cheese($2.00))

Dinner: $16.63

Creamy Pesto Spaghetti with Tilapia, Asparagus, Spinach & Tomatoes

(Ingredients: 1 box of thin Spaghetti($0.88), Creamy Pesto Sauce Mix: Milk & Cream Cheese($4.00), Fresh Tilapia($4.00), Fresh Asparagus($3.00), Fresh Spinach($2.00), Fresh Tomatoes($1.00), Parmesan Cheese($1.75))

Dessert: $2.50

Red Velvet Cake in a Cup

(Ingredients: 1 box Red Velvet Cake Mix($1.00), 1 container of Cream Cheese frosting($1.50), Any cup that makes you happy!(FREE from your home.))

Mocktail: $5.00

Sparkling Pinkade Apple Mocktail

(Ingredients: Pink Lemonade($2.00), 1 bottle of Sprite($1.00), Orange Juice($1.50), 1 Apple($0.50). If making an actual cocktail add liquor of choice.)

Dinner for Two: 3 Courses & a Mocktail = $29.63!!

Thanks so much Brittany, owner of Beautiful Beyond Dreams LLC for giving us this loving and penny pinching meal.  We think there's enough left over for a nice Valentine gift.  Follow Brittany on Twitter at @UrDreamPlanner and she's regularly listening in to The Divas and obviously Sister-Save-Alot each and every Saturday at 8AM. 

28 Day Diet | Day 21

This activity is going to prove to be challenging today, Purge your Pantry.  Well in my case cabinets, my adobe is a lil to small for a pantry.  If you have an hour and a garbage bag, let's get to it and start purging.  These are lil monsters you'll be looking for to toss:

 - Anything that has sugar BUMMER!
 - Anything that has "ose" in it
          These things have added sugars, full of empty calories according to Dr. Oz.  He also says pay close attention to labels on low-fat products.  The folks that make them tend to pack these items with added sugars to make up for lost flavor.  (I'm going to be in trouble I can already tell!)

- Anything that ends in "ol"
          These have sugar alcohols (they can even be in "sugar free" items).  Although they are lower in calories gram for gram, they can be just as fattening in large quantities.  Which I tend to do because they say NO SUGAR - these manufacturers!  Any way Dr. Oz says they could also be causing bloating and diarrhea, wow yummy combination! 

Here is my cabinet before:

I already see something that's going to have to go!!!

Talia and I are going to get busy today and I'll show you what's left after we finish.  Gulp!

With Style,


Sunday, February 12, 2012

28 Day Diet | Day 20

I always hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  I will admit however that it is not always on my list of to-dos.  As a mother I make sure the kids get something in their systems before heading to the bus stop but none of us are huge breakfast eaters, unless someone is treating at IHOP.  Dr. Oz has a quick fix, with today's task he is challenging us to automate breakfast as in KISS, Keep it Simple Sexy (LOL).  Suggestions for quick no-fuss morning energy are below:

Blueberry and Banana Smoothie - loaded with essential nutrients to help you start your day as well as fiber.

1/2 large ripe banana broken into chunks
1/3 cup soy protein
1/2 Tbsp flaxseed oil
1/4 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 Tbsp. honey
1 tsp. psyllium seed husks
8 ozs of water

Blend all ingredients well and enjoy!

Hmm, I wonder if they have this at Jamba Juice (well he did say automate)

Grapefruit with Greek yogurt - this power punch gives you healthy doses of vitamin C, lycophene (helps fight cancer) and probiotics.  Grab a juicy California grapefruit (trust me I wasn't paid for that one) and your favorite Greek yogurt to add to the side.

Speaking of breakfast it's time to get up and make some for the kiddies.  No better time to start than the present. 

With Style,

Trying new pics - Don't judge me!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Facebook Parenting: For the Troubled Teen

Sometimes being a parent SUCKS and well you have to roll up your sleeves and let your children know just how "crazy" you can be.  I know this was probably the hardest thing he had to do; but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!  I would post this on my son's Facebook page but oh wait, I canceled his account.  Son IF you think you're slick and created another Facebook account...please watch this video because this is next...

28 Day Diet | Day 19

Taking it back ole school, like back to elementary school is the task from Dr. Oz today.  Pack a Smarter Lunch!  Ha, ha, ha first let's start by packing a lunch.  I'm really not that good at it and the worst thing I do is skip lunch because the Cafeteria might not have what I want to eat.  Note to the wise -- don't skip meals. 

Let's look at the suggestions that Oz mentions in the article:

Vary Your Veggies - Don't limit your food choices, it will start to turn you off of eating the right things.  He said you might want to try packing two different kinds in your lunch so if one doesn't look good at your snack break, try the other.

Think Small - Reduce your container size to smaller containers in order to feel satisfied when eating.

Beware of the Low-Fat Label - Dr. Oz says this can cause you to eat more because your thinking I'll have two 100 calorie packs causing you to have 200 cals instead of the 100 you should have had.  Hmmm, no fair!  To avoid this trap, pay careful attention to suggestion service sizes on low-fat treats and go for the single serving bags.

It's never too late to start packing my lunch so off I go today with my Diva lunchpail (in pink and brown of course).  Actually I'm pretty excited!

PS - Looking for a great lunchbag?  Give our girls at PackIt a try.  #HOTNESS

With Style,


Friday, February 10, 2012

28 Day Diet | Day 18

Like I said the other day when you yell snack I think Snickers.  What about you?  What's your favorite snack?  Today is a trade-off day and replace My favorite snack is _________ with --- popcorn.  Yeah, it's not number 1 on my list either but I enjoy it every now and again.  The value in enjoying this crunchy treat is the calorie count and it's fiber-packed.  Three whole cups of popcorn is less than 9 potato chips - WTH?  Bartender pass the popcorn and of course my Dirty Martini.  I'm learning but we will have a few more days to go!

With Style,


Thursday, February 9, 2012

28 Day Diet | Day 17

We are changing things up today.  That's right Dr. Oz wants you to tweak three things today, my comments are in RED.

1.  Switch from decaf to caffeinated coffee, if you drink it.  Did you know caffeine can actually inhibit the growth of cancer cells, lowering risks of getting the disease?  I knew my Coke drinking habit wasn't all THAT bad.

2.  Eat a snack postworkout instead of waiting for your next meal.  There is a 45 minute window after you workout where you enter a metabolic phase;  refueling with protein and carbs during this time is crucial for repairing muscle tissue.  Hmmm - snack usually means Snickers in my vocabulary but I'll pack some carrots for after the gym.

3.  When the heat or A/C isn't on, leave your windows open as often as possible.  You can protect yourself from pollutants like formaidehyde and radon with a little ventilation.  Dr. Oz doesn't live in Bako so the less outside ventilation the better - I should have done my research. 

There you have it Day 17, we are chugging right along and we'll be at Day 28 before you know it.  WhooHooo!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

5 Questions | Chef Amadeus

Yep we have two guests again this week and this one is FAMOUS ya'll.  It's Chef Amadeus from Extreme Chefs on the Food Network.  Check out his 5 Questions below and learn more about him.

1.  What was your best moment on Extreme Chefs?

The best moment was when the host announced me as the winner! Not because I won, but I am a big believer in cooking with a passion and not ego. I tell my cooks to always chase happiness not money. Winning really added more fuel to my passion to continue to be creative. Winning also gave me the opportunity to help others as well my own business

2.  Favorite music to listen to while you cook?

My music like my cooking is whatever I am feeling at the time. I have been known to cook to Country, R&B, Dancehall, Ol Skool, Latin, whatever I am feeling at the moment.

3.  As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I just wanted to do something that did not need a height requirement and make me happy doing it.  I kind of just fell into what I do.

4.  If you could make a meal for Barak and Michelle, what would it be?

I would love to just hang out with both of them doing my famous Door Knock Sessions. Using fresh veggies from Michelle’s garden!

5.  Just how did you spend that 10K you won on Extreme Chefs?

The only thing I did buy is a watch, and the rest went back into my business, my salt free line of spices (Southern Passion) and other things related to my company.

Well we can't wait to hear more about The Extreme Chef experience, his line of seasonings including Lil' Bump and everything else in between.  Get your recipe cards ready, he's got a fantastic meal prepared for you as well as share some aphrodisiacs for that special day or night.  Join us this Saturday 8AM EST on Cocktails and Conversation, shaken never stirred. 

28 Day Diet | Day 16

Calculate your BMI, really - just why????  Well the good doc says it's to find out how much fat you are carrying around.  Is this something I really need to know?  I mean I see it each morning when I'm struggling to pull my bra strap together and swing it around.  I'll take one for the team though and do this horrific exercise.  Oh but don't think I'm revealing my weight just my BMI, trust me that's embarassing enough:  My BMI total is....39.6 which gives me a reading of obese (I hate that word).  9 more points to go before I reach just overweight - gee something to reach for!  But the truth is the truth, curves - thickness and all can lead to major health issues.  If you want to figure out your BMI try this site: American Institute for Cancer

To get us pumped up Dr. Oz gives us some encouragement on losing BMI percentages and the benefits of doing so:

Lose 5% and you can improve your body's ability to use insulin lowering risk of type 2 diabetes.
Lose 11% and you can lower your blood pressure significantly.
Lose 16% and you can experience a threefold increase in your levels of vitamin D preventing migraines and Parkinson's disease.

Great incentives!!!  Calculate your BMI, implement the changes we've been talking about and get that percentage lower.  I've got a secret to share with you.  I've actually lowered my BMI by 4 points since December.  Partly due to being sick but also changing how I think about food and increasing my exercise.  I've slowed down recently but plan to just watch my food intake and keep challenging myself to be the best me after these 28 days.

With Style,


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

28 Day Diet | Day 15

I just started taking a Multivitamin this weekend.  Yes I know.  What was I waiting for?  Well to be perfectly honest I just didn't think I needed one but recently I've seem to come down with a case of the Bakersfield illness called THE VALLEY FEVER!  Pausing for dramatisy.  [insert heavy sigh] Yes, I was warned when I arrived after unpacking my moving truck about this dreaded illness but thought yeah, right, pssst - not me.  Well yes me!  Not going to give you all the deets of this um thing but essentially I'm on medication for goodness knows how long and if I would have been taking some vitamins I probably wouldn't have had a weakened immune system and bypassed the spores in the air that caused all this drama.

All that to say that day 15 is dedicated to taking the right pills.  Dr. Oz actual recommends that you not only take a multivitamin but also calcium and vitamin D.  Anyone had the dreaded news that you are vitamin D deficient?  I think it's a scam but none the less vitamin D is important so he's recommending it.  He also says if you are having other ailments: lower back pain, family history of Alzheimer's, high blood pressure or constipation you can talk to the folks at the counter at the health food store and get some extra help with what to take to alleviate some of these symptoms. 

Be smart, Be happy and Be aware of what you need to do to be a better you.  Take your vitamins and also mention to any physician what you are taking to make sure it doesn't interfere with any prescribed meds.  Just a tip from your Style Diva.

Monday, February 6, 2012

5 Questions | The Martini Diva

Again we have a double guests show this week but let us take some time to introduce you to our Girlfriend in Cocktails...The Martini Diva with our popular 5 Questions.

1.  Cocktails seem to inspire you.  What else inspires you?

When it comes to my martini recipes just about anything can inspire me. Food in general inspires me and I've done many martinis based on cooking recipes like my Gazpacho Martini or Fruit Salad Martini.  I have a whole page of cocktail recipes devoted to Dessert Martinis like my Peach Melba Martini and my Strawberry Shortcake Martini! 

 Current events and holidays can inspire me!  I have a Tax Free Martini and a recipe created specifically for the wedding of Prince William. I have a whole page of Holiday Martinis with several for the major holidays like Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day and specific ones for those commemorative or special holidays like National Parfait Day or National Pickle Day and, of course, I have a Wedding Martini and an Anniversary Martini as well as a Divorce Martini!

2.  Did you design the art for your new ebook?

Yes, as a professional graphic designer by profession, I design all of the artwork for all of my books - not just my e-books.  The books themselves are for sale on Amazon under The Martini Diva and you can buy both on my Books page at The Martini  I also design all my martini recipe cards which can be downloaded for free on my website or can be purchased as postcards you can mail at The Martini Diva Boutique.

3.  Who would you love to sit down and have cocktails with, besides The Divas?

I think it would be great fun to have Alexander the Great because he was quite handsome and it's said he knew how to party, Albert Einstein and Mark Twain would be wonderful because both had a lovely sense of humor.  I'd like to have one of the Greek Philosophers as a guest because it's always good to have at least one pontificator at your party to raise the level of conversation (maybe Diogenes because he and Alexander were contemporaries).

 I'd have to invite Julius Caesar just for the gossip on Ancient Rome and to ask him if he really did say "Et Tu, Brute" and then I'd have to invite Cleopatra and Mark Antony because a romantic triangle always adds some spice to a party!  Then maybe Attila the Hun because it's good to have at least one bad boy in attendance and he'd make a good bouncer.

Then I'd like to add a little Golden Age of Hollywood to the mix with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, Shirley MacLaine, Marilyn Monroe, Cary Grant, Jack Lemmon, Elizabeth Taylor and Bette Davis.  Finally I think it would round out a nice blend of people with a few of today's celebrities including Cher, just to see what she'd wear and Pierce Brosnan because I think he's gorgeous.

4.  If you could serve Patti Stringer, the Millionaire MatchMaker a drink what would it be?

Patti Stringer would have to be served my Too Many Frogs Martini - if you've kissed too many frogs you probably need a matchmaker and one who sets you up with millionaires is a good choice!

5.  Favorite snack to have with a cocktail?

I think bruschetta is always nice with cocktails.  You can get as creative with bruschetta as you can with your cocktails and always have a nice pairing.  I also like popcorn because it's a healthy snack and you can dress it up to complement your martini flavors as well. 

And you guys thought we chatted alot, that's some cocktail party she's planning!  The Martini Diva will be sharing her favorite Valentine Cocktail with you this Saturday 8AM on the hottest show on BlogTalk.  We'll also have Chef Amadeus in the studio prepping you for a smoochalicious Valentine's dinner.

The 28 day Diet | Day 14

Okay so I took a two day vacation but it was Super Bowl Weekend, #allowed.  Now I'm cracking my knuckles and getting this post out.

Day 14 and Dr. Oz wants us to connect with our relatives in a different type of way then family gatherings, he wants us to interview them.  That's right pull up a chair, some paper and a notepad and ask some hard questions, family history.  No, we don't want to find out if Lil Suzy is really Uncle Johnny's baby.  Well maybe I do but Oz wants you to find out the medical history in your family.  Is there diabetes, heart disease, cancer?  He says your relatives history will give you hints about what your genes have in store for you.  Another great suggestion is the online tool The US Surgeon General offers to compile your notes into a report to print for your doctor.  Now that's #HOTNESS!  And remember it's never to early to do this.  In your 20s, 30s, 40s (Oh dear God) is better than discovering that over active thyroid is a family trait when you are 89!  Well that's exaggerating but you get my point.

Share your information too with other relatives so they can get their health in check and make it a family affair. 

With Style,


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Living a life full of adventure

For those who know me, know that I love Ali Edwards.  I guess you could say that she is my blog crush.  I love scrapbooking and Ali is the Queen B when it comes to capturing the stories of her family.  Ali is also the creative mind behind One Little Word which you can read more about here.  This year the word that I selected (or maybe it selected me) is Adventure.  For me adventure means taking a chance; doing something new and out of the box.  So to stay true to my One Little Word for 2012 - Adventure, I decided to enter the Suwanee Get Fit Challenge sponsored by Suwanee Magazine.  If selected as one of the participants, I will work with a local fitness facility and health experts to help define fitness goals and set me up with a plan.  Also Suwanee Magazine will follow the participants throughout the program for a year and track their progress.  To enter you just needed to send an email and include pictures or a video.  Of course you know I chose the video (remember I'm stepping out of my comfort zone).  You can find my submission below.

The magazine will notify who the selected few are on February 13th, so keep your fingers crossed for your girl.  I'll keep you posted!

Cocktail of the Day | The BIG O

This love inspired libation will definitely provide you with that happy ending you'll want to have again and again and again!

28 Day Diet | Out of Office Notification

Morning all,

Well the StyleDIVA is taking the day off from blogging / dieting / working / ________ (fill in the blank).  Be up and back at our diet journey tomorrow.  Thanks to so many people that have visited the posts, I have really enjoyed writing them.  Happy Saturday.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Cocktails and Conversation TV | Erika's Month in Review

28 Day Diet | Day 13

Thirteen is all about technology and tracking your paces.  Of course you can do this with a pedometer, thank goodness I already have one.  That would be less expensive then purchasing one of the suggestions in the article but if you got your tax refund and want to splurge a little check them out.  I'm staying with the pedometer, I'm already going to be in trouble Saturday after The Budgetnista looks over my Holiday spending.  :( 

S2H Step gives you points when you hit a certain number of steps to get items like giftcards from Sears, Target and Lowe's. 

The FITBIT measures sleep, steps and stairs for on $99 you can upload info wirelessly to track your fitness.

OMRON is the least expensive $12 and is favored by Miss O herself!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

5 Questions, get to know our guest....

Get to know Tamara Marbury from @Blitzandglam.

Tamara in her SuperBowl 2012 Looks!
1.  Who is your favorite football team of all time?

New Orleans Saints!  (I guess our question should have been "Who'Dat is your favorite football team of all time?" :))

 2.  Why did you get involved in following football?

I come from a family of sports-loving women--my mom, aunts, cousins, and sisters (as well as all of the men in my family) all love sports so I grew up watching sports. When I was younger I was really into the NBA, and then I was really into college basketball, and then in my 20s NFL and college football became my favorite sports and they've been my favorites since then.

3.  Who has the best uniforms in the NFL?

I actually don't have a favorite current uni, but I do love several of the throwback unis: I love the Patriots, the Saints, and the Chargers throwback unis. 

4.  Favorite things to have at your Super Bowl party?

I think it would have to be pizza. It's one of my favorite foods, so it's a must for a Super Bowl party.
5.  Who would be your fantasy half time show entertainment?


And there you have it that's Tamara of, be sure to check out her Game Day Glam on her site as well as other juicy posts.  Join us this Saturday 8AM to learn how you can be a football fashionista AND talk sports with the fellas.  Are you ready for some FOOTBALL talk?  The Divas, Sister Save A Lot, Tamara and Tiffany all in one show - HOTNESS!

28 Day Diet | Day 12

Ugghh Portion Control is the title for today.  Yes essential but so boring to look at my cheese cubes to see if they are resembling 3 dice, heck I'll crap out if I have to do this everytime I eat.  As Oz stresses as American's we do like it all big....okay I'll keep it PG.  Cars, houses and our meals and I'll have to admit when I swung around at McDonald's to get a small drink (okay and an apple pie) I was shocked at the size of a small drink even though it costs as much as a happy meal!  So I have noticed that the portions you receive when you go out really are triple what you'd probably have at home.  But eating out is fun, eating out is social, eating out in my house is survival and that's where portion control really comes into play.  Eating half of the Monte Cristo sandwich at Champ's is acceptable, not favorable but acceptable.  Over the next few days notice how you can cut your meals in half and still enjoy your meal - challenge yourself.

Now let's not go crazy!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

28 Day Diet | Day 11

Well to be a winner for todays conquest you need not do what I did before bed last night, GRAZE!  Come on I know I wasn't alone...while putting away dinner I know you grabbed a bite of that yummy chicken before it made it to the fridge. :)  No, my downfall is sugary drinks.  I'm a tea drinker and on occassion I like a nice cold glass of Cranberry Juice (you'd be surprised at the amount of calories in that juice).  According to Dr. Oz I'm going to have to get this little night time activity under control or pack on three and a 1/2 more pounds a year - NO WAY!!  There were no suggestions on what to do instead of popping a few tidbits in your mouth before bed but here would be a few I will try:

Just don't EAT b4 bed!

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