Friday, July 27, 2012

Dirty Martini | Week in Review

Real Life Celeb Moment

Veneisha Brown (talking about looking like yo daddy!) was recently arrested on stealing a car and assault charges.  Reportedly she arrived at work and her boss realized Veneisha was driving a stolen SUV and reached in to grab the keys.  Weeeellllll Veneisha pulled off causing the boss to flip over another car's hood.  Ouch! As Big Boi says  - stay up Veneisha!

Shut The Front Door Award of the Week

Aww don't they look cute?  Well that ended this week when The Game called off the engagement and wedding to his long time girlfriend and baby mama Tiffeny.  He took to The Twitter and apologized to everyone and made it clear it wasn't was him.  Isn't it always?  Anywho we'll see if the reality series they were taping will ever see airtime.  BTW this is his second time calling off an engagement, commitment issues???

Fav Reality TV Moment - Just announced that singer and pastor Marvin Sapp is coming to Reality TV ala Mary Mary style.  After the loss of his wife a little of 2 years ago you can imagine women are trying to fill her shoes and Marvin is wondering if he has enough skills and prayer to handle the scheming first ladies while raising 2 tweens and a teen.  We'll be watching will you?  Oh it's still being shopped to networks but if they are smart someone will pick it up - Magic need some shows over there at Aspire????

StyleDIVA Moment - Bet ya can't guess who this is.  Here are some clues:  She's a rapper, she has been on a reality TV show and she had a wardrobe malfunction during a concert.

He's a picture that might jog your memory:

Wow Somaya Reece - you go girl, she's getting it together and taking her career to a higher level (*sideeye*).  Wherever she ends up that weight loss is only going to be a plus.  I see you girl!

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Get to know @SisterSaveALot with these 5 Questions

That's right she's back....we've missed her so much.  Our girlfriend Sister Save A Lot of TLC Extreme Couponing fame is joining us on the show this Saturday with her tips for Back To School Shopping!  YESSSS!!!

  1. What is the last thing you bought WITHOUT a coupon?
This is a hard question to answer. Since I use a coupon on everything, I can not name one item.  The last purchase that I made without a coupon was gas for my car. (LOL, Okay!)

  1. If you could be in the Olympics what sport would you participate in?
None, I am not the athletic type and do not like sports.  I would love to watch and root for the USA basketball team.

  1. Do you have a Celeb Crush?
My celeb crush has been the same for the past few years.  . . . TI could get it!!! 
 (Alright won't have to use those coupons if ya'll get together!)

  1. Chips or Pretzels?        
Chips- They must be Jay’s BBQ Potato Chips

  1. Do you sing outloud in the car?
You know I do!!!  My current favorite CD is Jill Scott “The Light of the Sun”.   (Great pick!)

She is not only a money saving Sister but knows her music and potato chips - shouts out to Jays!  Listen in on Saturday 8AM EST and get your back to school deals along with fashion tips and laughs with Fatima Tania and @thecocktaildeeva.  Sounds like another amazing show!!  Also follow Sister Save Alot on her newly redesigned website

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bright is RITE

Bright is in and I've fallen in love...let's hope this trend stays around through Fall.  I was even able to find one for each day of the week but wait there's more.  Mix and Match all these cuties and have even more deliciousness in your favor.  Go DIVA.  Remember,


With Style,



Monday, July 23, 2012

This is why we LOVE what we do!

Yesterday afternoon my PIC (partner in crime) Robin called to tell me to look at our Twitter feed. A few of our Twitter Followers posted some pretty nice comments about our show.


When Robin and I partnered to do this show together in 2008, our purpose was to entertain, inform, discuss  and introduce you, our listeners to a few people who we thought were pretty amazing.  Over the years our show has grown as well as our listener-ship and followers and for that we are thankful.  We do this show because we enjoy is what we wake up thinking about and what we dream about when we are sleep.  Our show and blog has been a labor of love that we continue to nurture and grow.  We don't get paid to do the show (at least not yet *wink...wink*)...we do it because we LOVE it and we just want to THANK YOU for listening and reading our blog.

It's comments like these that remind us of why we do what we do.  And it's comments like these that keep pushing us to do it!

Always giving it to you straight with no chaser!
Erika & Robin

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Weekend in Review

Robin and I were two very busy little bees this past weekend.  With the weather being absolutely perfect in both California and Georgia we both decided to get out and enjoy it.

Many of you know by now, I am participating in a Get Fit Challenge sponsored by Suwanee Magazine.  As we start to wrap up the 4th month in the competition things are not looking too good for me on the weight loss front.  With my children being out of school for the summer and vacationing, let's just say that I haven't been eating the "right" foods and exercising as much as I should.  And no, exercising two times in two weeks doesn't count.  This past weekend I recommitted to the challenge and to myself to get healthy and fit.  And to kick things off, me and a few of my fellow Get Fitters laced up our shoes and filled our water bottles and took a little hike (2 miles up and down) Stone Mountain.  This was my first time hiking the mountain...heck this was my first time hiking anywhere but boy did I have a GOOD time!  There were some parts of the mountain that were a little tricky and steep but once we reached the top and looked out, it was all worth it.  I had so much fun, I think I will drag one of my kids with me the next time.

You can read more my participation in the Get Fit Challenge here and here.
Event Diva week in review 7-23-2012

So while I was outside hiking and sweating up a storm, my partner in crime (PIC) Robin was out hobnobbing while enjoying some great LIVE music at the Sans Dimas Jazz Fest.  Some of the amazing performers who were there included Kenny G, Kem, Jill Scott, Will Downing, Dave Koz and Charlie Wilson just to name a few.

Style Diva week in review 7-23-2012(2)
From the look at some of her posts on Facebook not only was she enjoying the royal V.I.P. treatment, she was also racking up some great interviews for our blog/show!

I don't know about you, but I can wait to chat with her to get the scoop!

What did you get into this past weekend?

Wishing you a fantastic week!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Life According to our show guest....Tamika Newhouse

If you heard the show this morning we know you are now inspired to do what you've been putting off to do.  Yes, Tamika's story is so inspirational that there is no doubt that it will have you plotting your next move.  But what if you didn't get a chance to hear it?  Got ya covered.  Click this link after you check out a little more about her from the post below, Cocktails and Conversation Show:

Favorite Inspirational Quote:

"I can't get back to who I use to be but I can enjoy who I am now." - Tamika Newhouse

I Can't Live Without: 

A journal. As a writer I never know when I need to write something down.

My Favorite Traveling Spot:

I want to go to Jamaica simply because its my dream vacation ever since I was 12.

Cocktail of Choice:


Selection for Best Read Ever:

Flyy Girl by Omar Tyree

Want to keep up with Authoress Tamika?  Visit her at  website, follow her on Twitter @tamikanewhouse and Facebook @Boss Lady Tamika Newhouse.  She'd love to chat with bookclubs too and host a Chocolate Chat party!  Find out more on her website.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Dirty Martini | Week In Review

Favorite Real Life Celeb Moment

We got to see BlueIvy and we LOVE you lil cutie pie. Blue was shopping with mommie at Bergdof's and seemed to have lost her blankie :)  Yeah for us!! 

He Said What....

Jimmy Walker dished on CNN about his take on Gay Marriage. "In 100 years from now, people are going to go, 'Who was against gay marriage?' And I'll be one of those idiots and say, 'That's me.' I'm just against it on moral grounds, that's it. I'm as much a heathen as anybody. I just don't believe on moral grounds it should be done. I don't like it, I don't accept it."  Well it's not like he has a career to think about if he gets the unpopular vote for this, IJS.

Tweet of the Week:

Barak Obama and Alicia Keys on the campaign trail proved to be a win-win!  She tweeted, What an inspiring day!! When we stand together theres no impossible!! @barackobama ‪#women2012‬ Let's gooooo!!

StyleDIVA Moment

Fantasia on stage...Oh Fanny!  This pic was from a Philly performance this week.  She's never been known for her fashionable attire but the spanx reveal is just moving her to the top of the iNot list.  Ho Hum....  Don't get me wrong we rock spanx just as much as anyone but ya gotta make sure you have the right length for the right look 0_0!

Catch us tomorrow dishing even more celeb talk, reality recap and chatting it up with authoress Tamika Newhouse @tamikanewhouse, tomorrow @ 8AM EST:  Cocktails and Conversation Radio

#Hotness | Alicia Keys sports a cute short cut

Right now I am so loving on Alicia Key's short new hair do!  It's short, sassy and screams summer!  She posted some pics of her new coif on Twitter with the caption:

"Look what I done did!!;-))) its an #aknewday in EVERY way!!!! ;-))))"

How many ways can I say cute?  All I've got to say is work it it!

 Keeping it summertime sexy!

StyleDIVA Workout Gear

Thursday, July 19, 2012

#Hotness | StyleDIVA

Here are few things that are hot on my list this month:

The Calendar Bracelet by Dalla Nonna

1.  A Dalla Nonna calendar bracelet  is what all the cool moms want -- and I'm no different.  My only problem is two kids, born in two different month so what's a mom to do?  Well I could get two.  Prices range from $125 - $650 depending on the metal you choose.  Which ever you decide, do choose one.

2.  Instant Moisture Mask by Sephora takes care of those dry spots on your beautiful face. The spa at home for complete moisture and summer shine.  $14 at Sephora stores or online.

3.  The Milano Drop-Front Shoe Box is the ultimate in love for your shoes.  Pricey at $14.99 each so I reserve for those special shoes or the ones I get on sale that don't come with boxes :).  This is classy BABBEEE!

With Style!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Should you Expect for Him to Pay for the Date?

Picture courtesy of
Robin's Take

We chatted this up last week on the show and the consensus was that YES a man (a real one at least) should pay the tab on the first date.  If it were up to me he should pay on all dates from then on.  I mean isn't that what your mama taught you?  I saw this article on one of my favorite FB friends pages and can agree with most of what the author wrote. It's from a males perspective and he suggest that the first date is the guys responsibility but as the relationship develops some equal sharing of date events is recommended.  Hmmm...I mean I don't mind getting the popcorn on movie night but don't go slipping me the bill at Grand Lux.  IJS

Erika's Take

Seeing that I have been out of the "dating scene" for well over 20 years my views of this subject may be well....out of date.  However when I was actually "dating" my philosophy was that the man should be the one to pick up the tab for the date.  It was/is also my belief that the man should open up the doors (car included) and help the lady to her seat as well.  For all the dates there after, I believe that the man should expect to "pay" for the date however the woman can offer to split the bill or pay for drinks.  After you have established the "relationship" then I too agree with the author of the blog post Single Black Male:Should Women Still Expect Men To Pay For Dates? that there should be a discussion on who pays for what in the relationship.  I'm all about letting the man/woman know what the dating expectations are up front so that there will be no surprises/disappointments as the relationship progress.  There is nothing wrong with buying the drinks, or snacks at the movies or even splitting the dinner tab sometime, but let me offer.  Don't ask "me" out and then expect to slide the bill to me when it's time to pay because you will surely find yourself busting suds to cover your half of the bill while I have moved on to the next one!

Don't forget to listen tonight (9PM EST) as we continue our 2nd part of Love and Relationships with the NightCap crew on Wednesday Wind Down

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

StyleDIVA | Weekend with a Dare

Yes Erika put it out there that we are doing the Essence 20 Summer Dares Challenge and so far I've done a few and have gained some hutzpa!  LOL  So here is a glimpse of this past weekend where I did Dare #5 Learn A New Dance.  While going hard at my workout I happened upon a Hip Hop Hustle training class and was pulled into a 1 1/2 hour class (after working the treadmill).  Needless to say I LOVED it and can't wait to find another class in this area. 

That's Jessica my Hip Hop Hustle instructor in the first pic!  Living by this motto till this challenge is over.  You all gonna join us?  I've listed all of the DARES below. 

1.  Sport Orange Lips (check)
2.  Rock a Throw Back Hairstyle
3.  Take the Pretty Panty or Bra Challenge (check)
4.  Make a "Who Says Black Women Don't" Statement
5.  Learn a New Dance
6.  Do a One Room Mini Makeover
7.  Get "BlueIvy" Nails
8.  Add Vivid Colors
9.  Go Natural (check)
10.  Keep a Promise
11.  Try New Flavor
12.  Make a Friend
13.  Try Aerial Yoga (hmmm, not sure about this one)
14.  Speak a New Language
15.  Record a YouTube Video
16.  Get a New Hobby
17.  Surprise Him
18.  Take a Spur-of-the-Moment Trip
19.  Court Fame
20. Get Two-Toned Hair Color

Promise to post a follow up to this adventure.  Have fun and don't forget to let us know how you fair with the challenges.  Good luck!

With Style,


San Dimas Jazz Fest

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