Sunday, December 30, 2012

5 Questions with Songstress Rajdulari

This Saturday Songstress Rajdulari will be in the studio with Erika and I for our first show of the series, New Year New You.  But before we tell you about this incredible woman get to know her a little better with these 5 Questions....
Which Sex In The City Character are you most like?  A mix between Miranda and Samantha. I'm sometimes a workaholic but then can throw caution to the wind and be a little carefree.
What's in your purse right now?  iPad Mini, Pomegranate Burt's Bees, iPhone, Cranberries for snacking and Kleenex
What was your favorite candy as a child? SugarDaddy
Where is your favorite vacation spot?  Punta Cana, Dominican Republic - so far!
What gives you the most satisfaction?  Finishing an album!  No better feeling in the world. :)
Listen in 1/5 8AM EST and get the scoop on Rajdulari's JourneytoBetterHealth AND JourneytotheGrammys. 
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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Week in Review

Real Celeb Moment

Brandy and Ryan PressEverybody is getting engaged!  This one is really no surprise.  Brandy and her a little over two year or so boo Ryan Press have officially confirmed their engagement over the Christmas Holiday.  She has been quoted as saying, "If this isn't the one I'm never going to try this again."  Well we guess Ryan felt the same.  Congrats to the three of them because daughter Sy'Rai is also included in the mix, she'll be a Jr. Bridesmaid no doubt.

Reality TV Moment

This gets the, "This fool right chea" Award of the week!  Rapper (side-eye) Shawty Lo has a one-time one hour reality show scheduled to appear on Oxygen showcasing his not knowing how to wear a condom ways.  Shawty has 10 babies mamas and is expecting another baby soon.  The show that Oxygen should be hanging their head in shame for putting on TV, features the in-depth (no pun) life of how he and his babies mamas co-exist.  Hmmmm guess no one cares how the kids are going to be affected huh?  Our friends over at Black and Married with Kids had a few things to say about it as well and it sparked some great conversation, click here for that post:

StyleDIVA Moment

This weeks Curvy Trend of The Week is featuring another look by Chic and Curvy boutique in LA. The multi-colored BodyCon Dress is hip hugging fun and Plus Model Janna is really doing a body good by adding the suede blue platform heels.  The NYE outfit just got easier to find!

Cocktail Erika Moment

A cocktail lovers dream holiday is going to be here real soon!  Why not try something really entertaining this year?  This Diva is taking a tip from Martha and adding a cute Countdown Toast to her NYE soiree.  The great part about this idea is that you can include the kiddies in by putting a non-alcoholic drink in their glass.  Get some cute flute glasses and number them  1 - 10 (self-stick #s of course) representing the last ten seconds of the NYE countdown and have each person "Raise Their Glass" for the number as the ball drops on the screen.  The extra bonus - numbers can easily be removed and the glasses used for other events in the year. 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Life at 40

Our girl Kristyn Burtt is at it again but this time she's talking about life at 40 with Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann, stars of the hit movie 'This is 40' which was released last week.  This film is a spin-off sequel to the 2007 film Knocked Up which continues to follow the loves of middle-aged married couple Pete and Debbie as they deal with turning 40, their careers and their children.

Seeing that I am now basking in the glow of being 40 myself, this is one movie that I am looking forward to seeing.

So here's to being 40!



The 'Guilt Trip'

Our Hollywood BFF Kristyn Burtt and her awesome mom Renee had an opportunity to sit down and chat with the stars of the hit movie the 'Guilt Trip", Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand. Talk about cool. You can check out her interview here and if you haven't already seen the movie, I would strongly suggest that you check it out.

Oh and Kristyn, don't forget I am an excellent side-kick sooooo if you're looking for someone to tag along with you while you do your next interview...give me a buzz!

Oh and while you're at it, don't forget to stop by Kristyn's blog Red Carpet Closet for more juicy Hollywood info, interviews and a peek inside the busy life of our friend.



Sunday, December 23, 2012

Curvy Trend of The Week

This weeks Curvy Trend of the week comes from Chic and Curvy in LA.  Model Janna is ready to hit that last minute Holiday gig with the trendy legging in metallic gold and snake skin pattern.  The peek-a-boo shoulder top is the easiest way to say, "I'm here let the party begin!".

Top $26, Leggins $28
Follow model Janna on Facebook at: Janna Plus Model

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Basketball Wives LA Spoof

Well there is another spoof by Kevin Hart's ex-wife (Torrei) that had me cracking up!  I think the first one was funnier but this one has "special guest" appearances that put it over the edge.  Tune in to the BBW LA imposters and get a good chuckle or two.

With Style,


schadenfreude refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Curly Hair, Don't Care

Curly Hair, Don't Care
I have always been a wash and wear kinda girl but within the past few years my natural curl became more of a wave.  Then that wave became a straight line so I wasn't able to really rock that just out of the shower look.  So I got a suggestion from a girlfriend to "co-wash" and use perm rods to create the curly look I love.

I had no idea what co-wash meant.  Actually when I first saw the word, okay natural girls you are about to laugh, I thought it meant having someone come over and wash your hair and she'll wash yours.  Yeah I know dumb right?  Well I didn't know 'cuse me!  But now that I'm hip to what the real deal of co-washing means I think I'm a little hooked.  So if you are clueless like I was co-washing is just another way of washing your hair without using a conventional shampoo.  You simply just wash with a co-wash formula and let sit for a minute then wash out and you are ready to do your styling!  I chose the co-wash brand pictured below but the beauty supply stores are full of them.  It almost made it hard to choose.  I decided on mine because it had such a wonderful smell.

The styling didn't stop there, remember the natural curl of mine has gone awry.  I used about 25 medium-sized perm rods (with end papers) to set my hair on.  I applied Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls all over my hair before rolling on the rods.  This stuff smells like fabric softner and it lasts for like days...YUMS!  If you like you can let your hair air dry but that is like a looonnngg process with my hair so I decided to get under a hood dryer for about an hour.  YES an hour!  After baking under the dryer I removed my rods....this is important - when you remove the rods take them out like you are spiraling outward.  It really makes a difference trust me.  Then viola I have the curly look I've been desiring for a while now.  Take note, I also found out the curls come out a little less frizzy if you do this process on dry hair but I'm trying to use as less heat on my hair as possible lately.  

IMAG0606-1 (1)
Have any other "natural" curl tips for me?  Leave them in the comments section below I'd love to try them.

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Chic & Curvy Weekly Fashion Forecast

Hey there Plus Size Barbies!  You know one of my favorite places to shop in LA is Chic & Curvy so we've decided to bring you something special each week.  That's right, on our blog we will feature a new fashionable style that you can purchase online from the Chic & Curvy website every week.  This weeks feature is edgy and a whole lotta sexy!  Model Janna is working it with those cute heeled Pocahontas booties and metal accessorized denim jacket.  The LBD gives it that extra sexiness, wouldn't you agree?

Model:  Janna Jones
Outfit:  Chic & Curvy
Shoe: ShoeDazzle

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Holiday Shopping and Party Popping

With a few Red Carpet events coming up this month I need to start looking for some kaute Holiday looks. One of my favorite stores in LA is Chic and Curvy. They carry beautiful pieces for evening and casual wear and the best part, the prices are pocket book ready!  One of my outfits of choice is this little red number.   Nothing says Red Carpet like a Hot Pop of RED color! Price $29.00

Makeup: Lyrica Wafer of Makeup By Lyrie, Hair: Nicci at The Beauty Box Hair Salon, Clothing: Chic And Curvy Boutique, Styling: Mia White for Pink Starr, Photographer:, Coordinator: Desiree G of Plus Model 411

With Style,

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

StyleDIVA #Hotness Holiday Gift

Of course you are looking for THE gift of the season and whatelse is on their Christmas list besides the HOTTEST game of the year? Well you can pass this information around to all the other cool moms and tell them you got this tip from the StyleDIVA.  Take a look at the vid.

That's right Just Dance 4 is on sale TODAY through for only $22.99.  I have been bursting at my Red Carpet fashion seams to tell you guys!  All you have to do is click on this link and make your lil mini me's wishes come true. 

How many of you are Gaming Moms like me and can't wait for a good dance off with the kids?  Now you might not be able to do the Moves Like Jagger like me (sniggle) but that's the beauty of having this game at your 24/7 non stop disposal.  Put those kids to bed and jam yourself into the night.  With hits like Super Bass you'll be singing and laughing at your desk thinking about all your club moves you are going to bust on the kids when you get home and play.  They'll have no idea how you got so good.  Well unless you have a teen ager like me that secretly tries to text at 1 AM and hears you dropping it like it's HAUTE in the wee hours of the morn!  Oy teens!  But don't sweat it, they might have natural ability but let them know where they got it from Mama!  Apple don't fall far from the tree.  Show these babies who really got back!  I crack myself UP TeeHeeHee.

Alright go click on that link and check off one more WISH from your list!

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Always seeking a Red Carpet LOOK

Always seeking a challenge.....

I awoke to an email from one of Erika and I's (yes I's) favorite SM Team Clever Girl Collective seeking a blogger for a Lane Bryant challenge.  Yeah, you know that was meant to happen at 1 AM!  So what else was this StyleDIVA to do but apply (then hit her knees), start PINning and then creating some inspo on Polyvore.  So let's all hope I get this post because if I don't I'll be on here whinning and pinning until I'm discovered.  In the mean time enjoy my Red Carpet looks. 

Always seeking a Red Carpet LOOK

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