Thursday, February 9, 2012

28 Day Diet | Day 17

We are changing things up today.  That's right Dr. Oz wants you to tweak three things today, my comments are in RED.

1.  Switch from decaf to caffeinated coffee, if you drink it.  Did you know caffeine can actually inhibit the growth of cancer cells, lowering risks of getting the disease?  I knew my Coke drinking habit wasn't all THAT bad.

2.  Eat a snack postworkout instead of waiting for your next meal.  There is a 45 minute window after you workout where you enter a metabolic phase;  refueling with protein and carbs during this time is crucial for repairing muscle tissue.  Hmmm - snack usually means Snickers in my vocabulary but I'll pack some carrots for after the gym.

3.  When the heat or A/C isn't on, leave your windows open as often as possible.  You can protect yourself from pollutants like formaidehyde and radon with a little ventilation.  Dr. Oz doesn't live in Bako so the less outside ventilation the better - I should have done my research. 

There you have it Day 17, we are chugging right along and we'll be at Day 28 before you know it.  WhooHooo!

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