Thursday, February 2, 2012

5 Questions, get to know our guest....

Get to know Tamara Marbury from @Blitzandglam.

Tamara in her SuperBowl 2012 Looks!
1.  Who is your favorite football team of all time?

New Orleans Saints!  (I guess our question should have been "Who'Dat is your favorite football team of all time?" :))

 2.  Why did you get involved in following football?

I come from a family of sports-loving women--my mom, aunts, cousins, and sisters (as well as all of the men in my family) all love sports so I grew up watching sports. When I was younger I was really into the NBA, and then I was really into college basketball, and then in my 20s NFL and college football became my favorite sports and they've been my favorites since then.

3.  Who has the best uniforms in the NFL?

I actually don't have a favorite current uni, but I do love several of the throwback unis: I love the Patriots, the Saints, and the Chargers throwback unis. 

4.  Favorite things to have at your Super Bowl party?

I think it would have to be pizza. It's one of my favorite foods, so it's a must for a Super Bowl party.
5.  Who would be your fantasy half time show entertainment?


And there you have it that's Tamara of, be sure to check out her Game Day Glam on her site as well as other juicy posts.  Join us this Saturday 8AM to learn how you can be a football fashionista AND talk sports with the fellas.  Are you ready for some FOOTBALL talk?  The Divas, Sister Save A Lot, Tamara and Tiffany all in one show - HOTNESS!

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