Monday, February 20, 2012

28 Day Diet | Day 28 WE MADE IT

This is it....we have cleaned the pantry (or cabinet), learned to meditate, forgave some folks and lots of other intriguing activities as we have journeyed along with Dr. Oz on this 28 Day Diet.  I had lots of fun how about you?

Before you start celebrating our victory we have one final activity that we need to do because this is officially the final day of the diet.  Spread kindness - it's simple and such an appropriate way to end our journey.  Now how does this help you in your diet quest you might ask?  Because it boost your mood of course.  If you are in a better mood it's going to be easier to do the right thing like shake your finger at that 3 layer cake at the birthday celebration you attend.  Also what better time to take on this activity as we are in the month where we all should be celebrating Random Acts of Kindness, although I do it all the time.  Do something today out of the ordinary, here's a few that I've done in the past:

Help someone pack their groceries at the store
Pay for someone's meal that is behind you in the drive thru
Help someone with directions
Go visit with an elderly neighbor
Take some carnations to a hospital floor

I'm sure you have some others on your list that you could share with us too.

Well this is the end and I hope you all have learned alot about what you can do to get to a Better You like I have.  I really did gain some awareness that was only enhanced by blogging about my experience.  I'll hit the scales today and report back to let you know if I achieved any weight loss success but all in all I have gained some really great tips and an understanding of what I can do for a lifestyle change.

With Style,


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