Wednesday, February 8, 2012

28 Day Diet | Day 16

Calculate your BMI, really - just why????  Well the good doc says it's to find out how much fat you are carrying around.  Is this something I really need to know?  I mean I see it each morning when I'm struggling to pull my bra strap together and swing it around.  I'll take one for the team though and do this horrific exercise.  Oh but don't think I'm revealing my weight just my BMI, trust me that's embarassing enough:  My BMI total is....39.6 which gives me a reading of obese (I hate that word).  9 more points to go before I reach just overweight - gee something to reach for!  But the truth is the truth, curves - thickness and all can lead to major health issues.  If you want to figure out your BMI try this site: American Institute for Cancer

To get us pumped up Dr. Oz gives us some encouragement on losing BMI percentages and the benefits of doing so:

Lose 5% and you can improve your body's ability to use insulin lowering risk of type 2 diabetes.
Lose 11% and you can lower your blood pressure significantly.
Lose 16% and you can experience a threefold increase in your levels of vitamin D preventing migraines and Parkinson's disease.

Great incentives!!!  Calculate your BMI, implement the changes we've been talking about and get that percentage lower.  I've got a secret to share with you.  I've actually lowered my BMI by 4 points since December.  Partly due to being sick but also changing how I think about food and increasing my exercise.  I've slowed down recently but plan to just watch my food intake and keep challenging myself to be the best me after these 28 days.

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