Sunday, February 19, 2012

28 Day Diet | Day 27

Pledge to Never Be Hungry - Make that promise to yourself and it's easier than you think.  Snacks, snacks and more snacks will help you be prepared BUT make sure they are nutritious.  Dr. Oz says to carry an arsenal of satisfying eats so that the snack monster doesn't force you to the vending machine.  There are some healthy snacks that are travel and Louis Vuitton purse friendly:

Somersault Snack - Sunflowers seeds in zesty chili, Pacific sea salt and a dash of ground pepper.  Me likey!

Justin's Nut Butter - Honey peanut butter in a perfectly portion size bag?  Hmm...tempting

Wild Garden Hummus Dip - Cute little packets of your favorite flavors to slather your carrots in.  Sun-dried tomato with olive oil and no need to keep in the fridge - WOW

Blue Diamond Almonds - Just a handful of these will fuel you until you make that spectacular dinner.  Try them with wasabi and tangy soy sauce or in spicy barbecue. 

What's your favorite healthy snack buster?  Let's add some more to the list so we are all prepared to chop that high calorie treat we normally enjoy in half.  Oh BTW if you click on the links for each of the products you might just find a coupon for one of your favs.  @SisterSaveALot would be so proud!

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