Thursday, February 2, 2012

28 Day Diet | Day 12

Ugghh Portion Control is the title for today.  Yes essential but so boring to look at my cheese cubes to see if they are resembling 3 dice, heck I'll crap out if I have to do this everytime I eat.  As Oz stresses as American's we do like it all big....okay I'll keep it PG.  Cars, houses and our meals and I'll have to admit when I swung around at McDonald's to get a small drink (okay and an apple pie) I was shocked at the size of a small drink even though it costs as much as a happy meal!  So I have noticed that the portions you receive when you go out really are triple what you'd probably have at home.  But eating out is fun, eating out is social, eating out in my house is survival and that's where portion control really comes into play.  Eating half of the Monte Cristo sandwich at Champ's is acceptable, not favorable but acceptable.  Over the next few days notice how you can cut your meals in half and still enjoy your meal - challenge yourself.

Now let's not go crazy!

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