Friday, March 30, 2012

Reality Recap | Styled by June works with the baddest B#@!h in rap

Okay I am really loving the new June Ambrose show on VH1 Styled by June.  On this episode June works with the baddest bi^%h Miami rapper Trina who is looking for a new image for her new CD.  Looks like Trina is going for a new sound, a new audience and a new look and June is just what the style doctor ordered.  Now I will be the first to admit I have never been a big Trina fan but the looks that June came up with for her....well let's just say she owned them!  She looked HOT and was well received by her fans.  Looks like this is another score for Ms. June.  Work it sister and I can't wait to see who you will be working with next.

If you missed the show...don't fret, the Cocktails and Conversation Divas have got you covered!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dirty Martini | Oprah gives her opinion on the Trayvon Martin killing

We love the big O (Oprah that is) and this week Extra's AJ Calloway had an opportunity to sit down with Ms. Winfrey where she shared her thoughts on the murder of 17 year old Trayvon Martin along with why she had to cancel The Rosie O'Donnell show.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

5 Questions with Olesha Haskett

This Saturday we have a treat for you.  Ever heard of Boudoir Photography?  Well our guest this week owns her own Oh! Boudoir Photography and has some of the most beautiful pictures of fierce women.  Once you see these pics you'll want to schedule a session.  Visit her website at and check out her work.  But for now get to know her a little better with these 5 Questions.

1.  When did you first pick up a camera and knew you wanted to be a photographer?

I don’t believe there was ever this one time when I thought… hmm I want to be a photographer. When I was younger I wanted to be a chemical engineer, an entertainment lawyer, or a chef. My dad was always taking pictures of the family. I get my love for black and white photography from him. So I was always around cameras but not until high school did I think about being a photographer. I was my class photo historian.

2.  Favorite Fashion Magazine.

I rarely read fashion magazines, I must admit. My favorite magazines are USA Today, Newsweek, Time and AARP.  Don’t laugh I love the articles in AARP for some reason. I have an app on my phone called Pulse. I love it because I have the first, three magazines at my finger tips.

3.  Favorite Swag Song

My favorite swag song would have to be Waka Waka (this time for Africa) by Shakira featuring Freshly Ground

4.  If you were a camera which one would you be AND why?

I would be the camera I use now, D700. I just love that I can control everything in the camera.

5.  Pick your poision....Paris in the Summer or Bahamas in the Spring, which would you pick for the ultimate Boudoir shoot?

I would pick the BAHAMAS! I love love love the Caribbean. The sea, the sand,  and especially the food.

Well catch you on Saturday where The Divas will have a drink waiting for you and lots more dish on Boudoir Photography.  Olesha promises you'll feel more confident just after listening and viewing her website, and she has a special client that will be on to share too.  Her key element to bringing out the BEST in each client is to show them there is beauty in flaws. 

8:00 AM - Cocktails and Conversation

Monday, March 19, 2012

#Hotness | Tide POD

I was really happy to receive my new Tide POD in the mail because my lil basketball Phenom definitely had some dirty, sweaty clothes that needed to be washed. I loved that I didn’t have to measure one thing, just drop in the POD, the clothes and turn on the washing machine and wait. This would have really been handy in my Landr-O-Mat days. After a FULL cycle in the washer I transferred the clothes to the dryer noticing that the entire POD had disappeared! Amazing. The dryer buzzed and I quickly opened the door to some superbly clean clothes. I didn’t notice the normal fresh scent of Tide on them however but that’s not an issue for my son’s clothes because as soon as they reach his room they smell like old gym socks all over again. Hmmm I wonder if they make a Tide POD plug in I could put in there? My #Hotness Review… loved the product but would like more smell factor for my clothes.


Keeping my eye out for ya

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stylist Fatima Tania joins the Cocktails and Conversation crew

We are so happy to announce that stylist Fatima Tania has joined the Cocktails and Conversation crew as she keeps us all up to date on fashion and style with her Fashion 411. Fatima Tania is a freelance Fashion Stylist  and Image Consultant known for her dedication and attention to detail.  with a love for fashion and an enthusiasm for art, fashion styling was her outlet for artistic expression. Fatima's ability to translate runway trends by mixing affordable yet quality designer pieces as well as vintage brands has afforded her an edge above the competition.  Fatima is also the owner of Perception & Co, an image consulting and personal styling company that was started in 2009. 

Fatima will be joining the Diva's every other week in our new segment Fashion 411 where she will keep us all up to date of what's hot in the world of fashion along with providing us tips and trick for achieving that runway look on a "real woman's" budget.

To find out more about Fatima, check out her website Perception & Co and you can also follow her on Twitter at @PerceptionAndCo.

Reality Recap | VH1 New Show - Styled By June

I think VH1 has finally hit a home run with their new show Styled By June staring fashion stylist June Ambrose which airs on Monday nights at 9:30 pm EST on VH1.
June Ambrose is THE celebrity stylist to work with!  She has worked with anyone and everyone, from Puffy to Jay-Z and was also instrumental in re-branding the likes of Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige and Will Smith just to name a few.  (I wonder if she can help re-brand the Divas...)  June Ambrose like so many women today wears many hats, not only is she an amazing stylist, she is also a designer,  re-branding genius and loving mom to two cool kids Chance, 10 and Summer, 7.   Talk about wearing a superwoman cape...

In the first episode we watch June work with former OC starlet and former Hollywood "It Girl" Mischa Barton  who has been flying under the radar for a while and is now ready to revamp her image and get back on the scene.  When we first see Mischa on the show it is clear by her body language that she is a little nervous to get back out there and I can't blame her because we all know how "mean" the press has been to her in the past.  It takes June a minute to gain Mischa's trust but when she finally gives in and allows June to work her magic, as we used to say back in the was on and poppin! 

You can catch the first episode here.

The producers of the show promise that each episode won't all be about her styling someone, they also promise it show the business side of June running and building her brand and empire.  We will get to see June juggling her clients with her personal life as she tries to balance it all.

I am excited about this new show and I believe that VH1 may have a hit on their hands!  This is definitely one show that I will have my DVR programmed to record.

Fabulously yours…
Event Diva


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cocktail of the Day | Sorbert on the Rocks

Which of our favorite ROHA would love this drink?  We are thinking it's a Phaedra special with her being the ULTRA Southern Belle.  Because everybody knows.....  Just don't tell her mama she's serving them!  After that African Safari we are sure she could enjoy flamboyantly offering these to her BFF's while they dish about all the drama that happened and we're sure is yet to come.  Wait maybe these would be served better by the resident Housewife Hottie Andy Cohen during the Reunion show.  Either way the Belles will be certain to enjoy and so will you and yours.

For this drink you will need sorbet or ice cream glasses with a salt rim.  Add lime sorbet and pour your favorite brand of Tequila over top (about half way, as shown in the picture) and enjoy this pleasurable sweet and salty mix.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Gaming Moms, Yep that's your StyleDIVA

Thanks so much to Lolita Lopez and the crew at NBCLA as well as the Mom Central team for selecting me for this opportunity.  It was more then uber fun it was outrageous!  Check out my interview and see how I have been gaming for years now and consider myself the OG (Original Gamer) in our household.  Although Kyle will have you think differently.  I loved that she used the kids in the interview too!

 Click HERE:   NBC LA Gaming Moms Interview


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Getting Fit with Suwanee Magazine

Well it is official, I have been selected as one of the 6 contestants in the 2012 Suwanee Get Fit Challenge sponsored by Suwanee Magazine which officially started on March 1st.  I am on team orange and over the next 12 months I will be working out with Jake and Levi at Fit Forward in Suwanee.  You will be able to follow my progress during the challenge here and here. 

So are you ready to get fit?  I know I am. 

Getting Fit in 2012!

Event Diva

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