Saturday, February 18, 2012

28 Day Diet | Day 26

A lil bit of stretching to get the day started feels so good.  Dr. Oz recommends a seven to ten minute session but I already have to meditate (geesh!) so 3 minutes works for me.  Besides the obvious reasons to stretch as soon as you rise - flexibility - it also makes you stronger.  Remember Only You can Make Yourself Strong.  Below are a few stretches he offered in the article:

The Hippie - Pretend your head weighs 500 pounds, and let it pull you down, Bend one knee and hold for 15 seconds, then change legs.

The Pecs Flex - As you lift your hands as high as possible, squeeze your shoulder blades together and open your chest.

The Leaning Tower - Try to elongate your body by creating the greatest amount of distance possible between your left pinkie and your left heel.  Hold for 15 seconds, then switch sides. 

The Hippie!

You can find more stretch positions on Dr. Oz's site.  Make up your own routine and customize it to fit your early morning mood.  Feeling great yet?

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