Monday, February 13, 2012

28 Day Diet | Day 21

This activity is going to prove to be challenging today, Purge your Pantry.  Well in my case cabinets, my adobe is a lil to small for a pantry.  If you have an hour and a garbage bag, let's get to it and start purging.  These are lil monsters you'll be looking for to toss:

 - Anything that has sugar BUMMER!
 - Anything that has "ose" in it
          These things have added sugars, full of empty calories according to Dr. Oz.  He also says pay close attention to labels on low-fat products.  The folks that make them tend to pack these items with added sugars to make up for lost flavor.  (I'm going to be in trouble I can already tell!)

- Anything that ends in "ol"
          These have sugar alcohols (they can even be in "sugar free" items).  Although they are lower in calories gram for gram, they can be just as fattening in large quantities.  Which I tend to do because they say NO SUGAR - these manufacturers!  Any way Dr. Oz says they could also be causing bloating and diarrhea, wow yummy combination! 

Here is my cabinet before:

I already see something that's going to have to go!!!

Talia and I are going to get busy today and I'll show you what's left after we finish.  Gulp!

With Style,


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