Saturday, February 11, 2012

28 Day Diet | Day 19

Taking it back ole school, like back to elementary school is the task from Dr. Oz today.  Pack a Smarter Lunch!  Ha, ha, ha first let's start by packing a lunch.  I'm really not that good at it and the worst thing I do is skip lunch because the Cafeteria might not have what I want to eat.  Note to the wise -- don't skip meals. 

Let's look at the suggestions that Oz mentions in the article:

Vary Your Veggies - Don't limit your food choices, it will start to turn you off of eating the right things.  He said you might want to try packing two different kinds in your lunch so if one doesn't look good at your snack break, try the other.

Think Small - Reduce your container size to smaller containers in order to feel satisfied when eating.

Beware of the Low-Fat Label - Dr. Oz says this can cause you to eat more because your thinking I'll have two 100 calorie packs causing you to have 200 cals instead of the 100 you should have had.  Hmmm, no fair!  To avoid this trap, pay careful attention to suggestion service sizes on low-fat treats and go for the single serving bags.

It's never too late to start packing my lunch so off I go today with my Diva lunchpail (in pink and brown of course).  Actually I'm pretty excited!

PS - Looking for a great lunchbag?  Give our girls at PackIt a try.  #HOTNESS

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