Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Giveaway | 50 Ways to keep your Lova!

GIVEAWAY | Help the Divas to come up with 50 ways to KEEP your Lova!  That's right we are helping build strong couples.  This Saturday the Divas will be having cocktails and chatting with the dynamic duo behind the popular blog Black Love and Marriage Ayize and Aiyana Ma’at.  Share with us some things you do, or would do to help keep the flame burning in your relationship.

The best part is if you help us with the list you are entered to win 2 pints of delish ice cream from Sex Scene Ice Cream shipped directly to you. 

To enter:

1. Share with us some ideas on how you keep your relationship HOT in the comments section below this post that we can add to our 50 ways to KEEP your Lova list.

2. Type a comment on our FB page of one idea/suggestions/activity (let's keep it as PG as possible) that you do to keep the spice in your relationship.  ie.  holding hands, drawing her bath water, making his favorite meal or watching this past Sunday night’s epi of ROHA (Lord knows that was spicy enuf!) Then come back to this post and leave us a comment letting us know.

3. Tweet us @cocktailsnconvo with a suggestion to add to our 50 ways to KEEP your Lova list.  Use the #50WAYS Then come back to this blog post and let us know you tweeted.

All entries must be submitted by Friday 12/2 11:59 am EST.  The winner will be selected by and will be announced on our show on Saturday.

Can't wait to see what you Love Muffins come up with. 
Ready, Set, Go................................

This contest is now closed.

25 Days of Christmas | Day 2

25 Days of Christmas | Day 2
Everyone loves a great smelling candle but what about a great LOOKING candle.  Candle designer Lisa Carrier of Lisa Carrier Designs makes some of the best.  In fact some of her prettiest styling’s are being featured on the Home Shopping Network for the Holiday Season.  They are a bit pricey but the nice thing is that you can reuse them.  Just insert a tea light candle inside and VIOLA – you get your money’s worth.  You can check out additional designs on Lisa Carrier's  and on the Home Shopping Network.  

Prices range from $70 - $100 so this is a gift you might want to reserve for someone special on your list that you want to WOW!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The 25 Days of Christmas

Join the Cocktails and Conversation Divas as we celebrate the

25 Days of Christmas

For the next 25 days leading up to Christmas, we will share with you some of our favorite holiday finds, decorating ideas, amazing cocktails, delicious recipes and suggestions on how you can have a Divalicious holiday season.  So are you ready?????

25 Days of Christmas | Day 1

Today on the Style Diva’s gift giving list (or receivingJ) is this multi-hued cosmetic studio by Sephora -The Makeup Studio Blockbuster.  I mean 97 eye shadows – WOWSER!  I was there a few weeks ago and “eyed” it myself, tried several of the colors and fell in LOVE with it.  With the price of $49.99 (valued at $440) you can’t go wrong purchasing this for a sister, aunt or daughter.  But I won’t tell if you decide to keep it for yourself. 
Visit a Sephora store near you or you can order one online here.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

#Hotness | Body by BrownRoque

Imagine my surprise when I went for my weekly mailbox run and saw a big package JUST for me.  Earlier in the week I spoke with one of our Twitter followers, @BodyRoque about doing a product review and I surely told her yes.  I never expected to receive a full fledged kit of Peppermint Lavender Soap, Peppermint Lavender massage Oil AND Peppermint Lavender Bath Salts.  My goodness, as I walked home I was planning “Bath Night” thinking in my mind what Pandora station I was going to listen to behind my locked bathroom door.
Speed up the clock 3 hours, everyone is fed, homework done and favorite TV program on and it was time for me to make an escape…..queue  Pandora Earth, Wind and Fire station.

The first thing I remember was the smell of the Lavender from the bath salts, it was mentioned that it was good to use during flu season.  Well I didn’t have the flu (thank goodness) but my throat was a little scratchy and the Peppermint provided some soothing.  After splish splashing in my Peppermint Lavender dream bath I slowly got out and slathered on the massage oil that was a little sticky.  But after talking with the owner of @BodyRoque I got the remedy for that. Just heat it up a little in the micro and then slather it on – it worked!  Did I mention that the bottle was sealed, like a romantic gold seal that is reminiscent of ROYALTY – watch out Kate!  After I slipped on my PJs I joined the kids for TV time and my daughter touched my arm and noticed how soft my skin felt (1 cocktail glass) and how great I smelled (2 cocktail glasses) and the best rating was how good I slept that night (3 – 5 cocktails) I mean I slept so G8 that I had to literally rolled out of bed, I really needed that.

So this lovely trio of goodies is getting a 5 out of 5 Cocktail Glass rating!  Want to order one of these kits?  Visit their website to place an order and learn about the other fabulous products they have to offer.  You can also take a personal skin assessment to get to your desired scent or for someone on your Christmas list. 

Follow them on
Twitter: @BodyRoque
Facebook: "Body" by BrownRoque

 Style Diva

The writer of this review was not compensated financially but was graced with a true GRATIS of products in order to provide an accurate review on said products.   This review is based solely on my opinion and you should consult a skincare professional if you have questions about how this product will affect your skin. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

A little something to enjoy this Thanksgiving holiday

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, we thought we would share this with you to help you get in the mood.

Happy Thanksgiving!

And the giveaways go to...

The winner of The One Week Budget book by The Budgetnista is....

The winner of the Budgetnista's bracelet is....

Congratulations to you both!  Please email us at with the subject line Giveaway Winner with your contact information.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Adventures of the Style Diva

Can you imagine how I felt getting a FB message that said…”You have been invited to attend the premier of David Tutera’s My Fair Wedding spectacular”  WHAT!!! Oh my great gracious I was excited.  A high class event with one of my Celeb Crushes, I was there.  I stepped to the event at The Vine in Hollywood with one of my besties and her cool neighbor Nicole.  Nicole is just the cutest, she’s actually working on a new project with a satellite radio show with a well-known celeb – we’ll post more on that at another time.  So we walked in and were greeted by the event organizer Shante of 135th Street Agency.    They are organizing promotional events for both My Fair Wedding and Braxton Family Values, what a sweet gig!  After being greeted we received media packets and were seated in seats right next to DAVID!!! 

Style Diva with David Tutera
Shortly after arriving the man of the hour arrived and had conversations with all media people at the event, he was so personable and funny.  Always ready for a good photo op too, my kinda guy.  After being served a yummy lunch (complete with FREE cocktails) David got up and talked about the new show that will premiere Sunday 11/13 on WE TV at 9 8 ET.  This show is going to have you crying people so get the Kleenex ready – I think I even have a few shots of me wiping tears away during the viewing.  Of course your StyleDiva was ready with plenty of questions to ask but the only one I was able to get out because of my starstruck mood was, “What’s next for you?”  DT, yeah I can call him that now, started to give me an exclusive but was advised not to let the cat out of the bag on a new show that’s on the horizon.  Shoot!  * snapping my fingers* BUT don’t worry I still got plenty of good buzz.  Buzz like – he is going to be featured in Bridal Guide Magazine, the first male to ever be on the cover.  But here is the neat part about that story.  He was given a sample of the spread (featuring his own wedding gown line) but he saw one thing missing – An African American bride.  After looking at the editor with that classic stare of his he told him he wasn’t doing the spread unless they change the spread to include a bride of color!  Need I say more – this man RAWKS!  By the way his bridal gown line ranges in sizes 2 – 24 because he believes that every woman deserves to be the QUEEN on her day!  I’m liking him more and more.  You all know I tried to get my plug in to model one of the fashions but he doesn’t make selections but he did give me hints on what to do to try to reach my goal – keep your eyes open!!!  Also look out for David’s line of watches being featured at Sears.

The event wrapped up and David was off to help one of the brides that is being featured on this season with a scuba lesson – watch out for that one.  It was superb to meet David and a few other media personalities at the event, nothing like a little smooshing.  Stay tuned because this StyleDIVA is ready to keep the adventures going, what could be next?
Thanks David, WE TV, 135th Street Agency and my bestie for the FAB invite!  Be sure to watch David in My Fair Wedding tonight on WE, check your local listings for time one their website

Style Diva

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Guest Giveaway | The Budgetnista

GIVEAWAY | The Budgetnista wants everyone to get control of their money for 2012.  So she is giving away two items to help you on your way to financial freedom!  

One person will receive a copy of The Budgetnista’s book: The One Week Budget and The Budgetnista bracelet.   

Another person will receive The Budgetnista bracelet.

The One Week Budget book is for anyone who wants to manage their day-to-day money without the day-to-day hassle.  With the help of Bella the Budgetnista, featured in this book, she will teach you what took her years to learn.

TO BE ENTERED into this giveaway you can do one of the four things below to enter your name or you can do all of them to increase your chances of winning! 

  1. Simply share 3 financial goals you would like to accomplish on 2012 in the comments section below.
  2. Go “Like” The Budgetnistaon Facebook. (Come back to this post and leave a comment letting us know you did.)
  3. Share this tweet : I am getting my money right with @TheBudgetnista and @cocktailsnconvo (Come back to this post and leave a comment letting us know you did.)
  4. Go “Like” Cocktails andConversation on Facebook. (Come back to this post and leave a comment letting us know you did.)

Each item will count as a separate entry

Contest closes on Friday, November 18, 2011 at 12:00 Noon EST.  Winners will be announced on Saturday, November 19th.  Good luck!

This giveaway is closed.

Poinsettia Cocktail

Thanksgiving is all about spending time with friends and family and consuming large amounts of delicious food; what better day for a divalicious cocktail?  For the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving we will provide you with some of our favorite that you can serve with that delicious turkey and all the trimmings this upcoming holiday.  The best part about these cocktails is that most of them are easy to make ahead in batches to serve your guests later.

The Poinsettia


Friday, November 11, 2011

Getting your money right with The Budgetnista

Are you overwhelmed with the amount of debt you have accumulated over the years?  Do you feel like you are living paycheck to paycheck?  Are you feeling financially bullied? Are you ready to get a hold of your money and finally live a debt free life?  If you answered “yes” to any of those questions then this Saturday’s show is just for you.

This Saturday (11/12/11) the ladies of Cocktails and Conversation will sit down and chat with Tiffany Aliche AKA The Budgetnista as she teaches then how to create a money management system in 7 days or less!  According to The Budgetnista it’s just that simple.

Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche is an author and passionate teacher of engaging, financial empowerment. Her company, CLD Financial Life, specializes in the delivery of financial literacy education.

Some of her clients and features include: Princeton University, Columbia University, The United Way, Dress for Success, MSNBC, ESSENCE Magazine, Black Enterprise, USA TODAY Weekend Edition, and the News 12 New Jersey’s “It’sYour Money” show.

You can learn more about Tiffany by visiting her website

So if you are ready to get rid of your debt for once and for all and live a life of financial freedom, you won’t want to miss this show.

Be sure to tune in Saturday, November 12th @ 8am EST for some girlfriend talk on Cocktails and Conversation…we’ll be sure to have a cocktail waiting for you!

Got a money question for The Budgetnista?  Call us during the LIVE broadcast at (661)449-9947, you can also send us your question via email, or simply leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to ask her during the show.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

And I thought 3 kids was a lot!

Image via
On November 8th, Today's Ann Curry sat down with Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar as they announced that they are expecting their 20th child.  Yes, you heard me…they are going to have their 20th baby!!!!  And I thought having 3 children was a lot!  Apparently I am a lightweight compared to Michelle Duggar.  For those of you who have been living under a rock and don’t know who the Duggar’s are, they are the stars of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting.  So this leads me to my next question…how much of this is for show because I’m trying to figure out what rational woman in her “right” mind would willingly want to have 20 children?????  I’m just saying…..

What are your thoughts?

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Event Diva

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Home Depot Christmas Light Exchange with coupons

It’s that time of the year to think about your holiday decorations.  One major part of your d├ęcor is your lights.  The holiday’s isn’t the holidays without festive lights. Last year Home Depot had this promotion and it is back again this year.

As in years past, you can take you can take up to 5 strands of Christmas  your broken or old Christmas lights to Home Depot and get three coupons to save on some new energy efficient lights.

 Here are the coupons:

$3.00/1 Home Accents Holiday LED Lights
$4.00/1 Martha Stewart Living or GE Holiday LED Lights

$5.00/1 EcoSmart or Light Show Holiday LED Lights.

This opportunity is available until November 13th; you can receive up to 5 coupons.

Here is the link for the coupon.

Sister Save A Lot

What girl doesn't like a little bling?

A friend of a friend had the cutest ZEBRA nails and I had to find out where she had them done. When I asked her she said she did them herself and that they were appliques from Sephora. So being the Style Diva that I am I had to go check it out. My purchase resulted in these.....

Man when I got there it was hard to make a decision on which ones to select. There was another major name nail polish retailer that offered some as well but I decided to go with the Sephora brand. So here are all the reasons I love them:
  1. Price is RIGHT - $7, the same as a polish change and less than a Mani.
  2. The color selection was really cool. They had about 7 different colors/patterns.
  3. Pretty easy to apply.
  4. I hate letting my nails dry – I’m working on it people!
On the down side….
  1. I was so quick to want to put them on...I didn't get them on as straight as possible - EPIC Fail on my part.
  2. The type I purchased get caught on loose threads but I'm sure the regular polished kind wouldn't cause this problem.

So as you can see these lil love bugs definitely get a high rating on my cocktail meter 5 out of 5! Drinkalicious!

Give them a try ladies, nothing like a little bit of sassiness to change up the wardrobe.

Style Diva

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