Tuesday, February 7, 2012

28 Day Diet | Day 15

I just started taking a Multivitamin this weekend.  Yes I know.  What was I waiting for?  Well to be perfectly honest I just didn't think I needed one but recently I've seem to come down with a case of the Bakersfield illness called THE VALLEY FEVER!  Pausing for dramatisy.  [insert heavy sigh] Yes, I was warned when I arrived after unpacking my moving truck about this dreaded illness but thought yeah, right, pssst - not me.  Well yes me!  Not going to give you all the deets of this um thing but essentially I'm on medication for goodness knows how long and if I would have been taking some vitamins I probably wouldn't have had a weakened immune system and bypassed the spores in the air that caused all this drama.

All that to say that day 15 is dedicated to taking the right pills.  Dr. Oz actual recommends that you not only take a multivitamin but also calcium and vitamin D.  Anyone had the dreaded news that you are vitamin D deficient?  I think it's a scam but none the less vitamin D is important so he's recommending it.  He also says if you are having other ailments: lower back pain, family history of Alzheimer's, high blood pressure or constipation you can talk to the folks at the counter at the health food store and get some extra help with what to take to alleviate some of these symptoms. 

Be smart, Be happy and Be aware of what you need to do to be a better you.  Take your vitamins and also mention to any physician what you are taking to make sure it doesn't interfere with any prescribed meds.  Just a tip from your Style Diva.

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