Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dirty Martini | Make Mine A Double

Sometimes one straight cocktail filled with the highest premium liquor just isn’t enough and for this version of The Dirty Martini we are going to pour a double shot for this one. 

Anyone that knows us understands that we love reality TV.  VH1's Love and Hip Hop falls right into that category. 

Now on last week’s show Jim Jones surprisingly proposed to his longtime um fiancé Chrissy. Chrissy had ahh... proposed to him a few seasons ago and was eagerly awaiting his “PutA Ring On It” moment.  She was actually getting quit tired of waiting and took a girls weekend to Miami to let off a little steam.  Well at dinner one night Jimmy pops up outta nowhere and takes her to the side and whips out one gorgeous ring (and I do mean gorgeous)!  Of course she agrees and we the loyal watcher was left to think, “Hmmmm was this all just a little bit staged??”  I mean she really had to give him the business to realize she was DUN and ready to get him on one knee or she was gonna walk.  Is this what it’s come to ladies?  Now I’ll admit prior to receiving my marriage proposal to my now ex-husband I did give him the “ish or get off the pot” speech but at the time he had already picked out the ring and told the parents he wanted to marry me – even though I didn’t know. 

So I understand Chrissy’s angst but what I don't understand about this duo is that SHE actually asked HIM to marry her.  Yeah you gotta go for what you want ladies but some things just need to be a man’s job.  How can we expect him to do what he is called to do by God if he can’t make the step to say,“You are what God designed for me and I wanna put a ring on it.” ? That’s what we need to hear not, “Okay girl since you have hung in there here you go.”  Any Martin fans out there?  Remember that first proposal Martin gave Gina?  The one where he said…”Dam Gina here is the ring what else do you want?”  Well to me that is what Jimmy might as well have said to Chrissy because this staged attempt at a proposal wouldn’t be the one I wanted, sorry being a little spoiled and selfish here but Prince Charming needs to be that CHARMING!  So Chrissy and Jimmy I wish you well... I really do but make sure you are getting the spiritually blessing on your marriage that is so needed in today’s time of jump-offs, groupies and the like. 

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