Sunday, January 22, 2012

The 28 Day Diet

The 28 Day Diet - Day 1

Erika and I talked diets on the show yesterday, she’s going the Weight Watchers route and I said I’d just follow this new starvation diet I recently picked up since I got sick. Not healthy but working! But as I read my most recent copy of O Mag I noticed that Dr. Oz had a 28 day diet that I decided I must try. The nice thing about this diet is that it’s very unconventional and gets you to think about your habits and make some adjustments. 

So it starts today!  Day 1 was Go Green, as in tea that is.  My favorite is Raspberry Green tea but Dr. Oz suggested some others that you could try too:  Art of Tea Green Earl Grey, The Republic of Tea Kiwi Pear and Tea Forte Cherry Marzipan.  They all sound good and provide LDL lowering bad cholesterol and promote weight loss.  Sending cheers to you today with my Raspberry Green Tea cocktail. 

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