Monday, January 30, 2012

The 28 Day Diet | Day 9

Are you getting enough sleep?  Sometimes I think that I don't but my kids would disagree.  I definately get 7 - 8 per night, I could use 10!  Couldn't we all?  Now raise your hand if you have a little trouble getting to sleep some nights...***StyleDIVA hand in the air***  Well our new bud Dr. Oz talked to some of his celeb friends and they gave him some suggestions:

Rosie Perez makes a dried tea of chamomile flowers that her sister (a chef) told her to make before bedtime.

Jillian Michaels listens to books on tape and if she rolls over and is up in the middle of the night she recites the alphabet backward.  - sidebar, I don't know about you but after Z, Y, X I'd be so confused I'd never go to sleep.

Robin Hunt (Yes I'm a celeb!  Didn't you see me hanging with David Tutera?) says to try the Rain App on your smart phone or tablet.  iPad has a great one, it gives you several rain selections like: rain on the roof, rain hitting the ground, rain on water and my favorite is a rain with thunder.  Love, love, love this - trust me you will sleep like a baby after 5 minutes. 

Do you have a favorite trick to get the sandman to come?  Leave a comment below so we can share it on the air.

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