Thursday, January 26, 2012

The 28 Day Diet | Day 5

Memorize a poem today.  The good Dr is trying to give us a cognitive boost, invigorate the spirit…get the blood pumping!  He suggested a nice poem but here’s the one I’m choosing.  It’s by Jill Scott from her The Moments, The Minutes, The Hours book of poetry.  Diva grabs mic……

To My New Lover

For the first time I’ve allowed someone, no you, to strip me of all my

Clothing, all my confusion, all my doubt, all my fear of love

And life.

I am Naked.  Yes naked, Butt naked and

Impressed with your ability to see me,

To see ME


Through my private, lonely haze,

You touch me.

You feel me and make me tremble with the possibilities of

Tomorrow, the next day, the next day and forever baby.

With you,

I feel my cloud cleared

My rain washing me

With you

My flower blooms in December cold

With you

I lose mental chaos and gain tranquility

You have my power and when I grow weary,

You replenish me

With you

My angry ocean sits placid easy calm

With you

I have become

My entire self.

Thank you.

Drops mic….dramatic pause.  I’d say that gave me a boost!  So get yourself some culture, practice and put your favorite poem to memory to get those brain cells circulating today.  Send us your favorite poem in the comments section.  Ciao!

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