Friday, January 27, 2012

The 28 Day Diet | Day 6

I'm going to find todays task to be a chore but none the less helpful in the diet journey.  Here it is:  Write every bite, scribble every nibble (his words), be a slave to your food war (my words).  Even though this task is daunting it is essential.  I've had friends actually lose pounds by doing this because they were afraid to write down they had eaten a bag of chips for fear was true!  LOL  The nice thing about doing this is that it is super easy.  You can jot things down in a notebook or Oz suggests going technical and using one of the following apps to help you:

PeerTrainer (actually works with WW points)
Dailyburn (includes workouts and it's FREE)
Lose It! (This is actually an IPad app - Whoo Hoo!!!)

The StyleDIVA is only familiar with one of these and that's SPARKPeople, they flood my email box with stuff.  Some of it helpful some just spam but they do have lots of cool tools on their site that are helpful with weightloss.  Pick your favorite method and see where some of the pitfalls in your diet are coming from.  Remember write it all down, from that stop at the vending machine to the peas you eat off of your son's plate.  Maybe we'll lose twice the weight we expect to lose as the article claims people that track do....I'm game are you?

Let's turn YIKES into Morning Sexy!

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