Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Dirty Martini | Paula Deen under fire

This past Tuesday, Paula Deen sat down with the Today’s show Al Roker to discuss her recent announcement that she has Type-2 diabetes.   Deen has been under media fire because she waited 3 years after her diagnosis and after securing an endorsement deal for the drug she is taking to control the disease.  Deen stated that when she was first diagnosed she decided NOT to go public with the information because she needed to first sit with it and process what having the disease meant. 
So if you’re like me, you may be thinking…so what?  What’s the big deal? 
Well, many are upset, including a fellow Food Network star, that while she was behind closed doors working out her drug endorsement deal, she was also out continuing to promote her cooking show, restaurant and cookbooks which serve up dishes that are high in fat and sugar.  Deen’s stance – she stated to Roker during her interview that she was always promoted eating in moderation on her show and will continue to do so.  You can see her Today show interview below.

The Diva weighs in| I have been and will always be a Paula Deen fan and I completely understand and support her decision to keep her diagnosis private.  Just because you are in the public spotlight doesn't mean that you have to have full disclosure on every detail of your life, more specifically your medical history.  We have to remember that first and foremost Paula Deen is in the entertainment industry...she is on TV to serve up a big old butter laden, sugar filled dose of southern hospitality as she shares warm and often times funny family stories while cooking up some delicious looking comfort foods.  That is what she gets paid to entertain.  It is not HER responsibility to remind or for that fact warn us that eating these high fat and high sugar foods can be bad for our health...that is the responsibility of our doctors...or wait here is a novel about it's OUR responsibility to take control of OUR health and what we put into our bodies.  Being mad at her decision to hold off sharing her diagnosis or for even deciding to be the spokesperson for the diabetic drug Victoza is just plain dumb!  I have never looked to a celebrity to provide me with advice on what I should eat and/or what drugs I should take.  I am a responsible, free thinking adult and can make those decisions for myself.  If I want medical advice then I will speak with a medical professional...not turn on the TV. 
So to my dear Paula, while I am sorry for your diabetes diagnosis I applaud you for taking some time to get control of your health and for also looking at building/maintaining your empire.
And if there are any companies tout there that would like me to endorse their product...holla at your girl...I got 3 children that I need to put in college and a retirement fund to build, as long as what you're selling doesn't go against my beliefs....we can talk.

What do you think about Paula Deen and her diabetes announcement on the Today Show?  We'd love to hear from you.

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