Sunday, January 29, 2012

The 28 Day Diet | Day 8

Time to take it up a notch today, break out your new year workout gear and start sweating!  That's right do some physical activity for 30 minutes to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attacks by 30%.  Not use to working out?  Start with a walk, you'll be surprised how you feel about yourself when you get done.  If you are the Workout Dancehall Queen I'm going to challenge you to do something different to your workout routine.  Try belly dancing, go 6 miles instead of your normal 5 or give ZUMBA a try instead of sliding your membership card to walk the treadmill.  Day 8 ladies just 20 more to go, how do you feel?  Thanks Dr. Oz for making this journey loads of fun.  Now where is that belly dancing brochure?? - don't worry I'll be sure to report back how it went ;) (wink, wink). 


  1. How did you know that is all I do with my membership card?! Challenge accepted, trying Zumba this week!

  2. Good for you Alicia. How did I know...cause I'm in the same boat. LOL! Let me know how you like ZUMBA, Talia and I love it but it's sometimes hard to make it to class.


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