Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Coupon Organizing with Sister Save A Lot

As an Extreme Couponer I know all too well that the key to saving is being organized.  As a couponer you acquire coupons from everywhere.  The number 1 source is the newspapers, then you have internet coupons, pull tags, peelies, tear pads, blinkies, and coupon books.  This could become an overwhelming task.  My main coupon goal this year is to make sure that my coupons are kept in check.

Accordion Style Coupon File – You can find these wallet style coupon files at just about any office store or in the office area of Target or Walmart.  These files allow you to sort your coupons by the categories of your choice and are often small and easy to carry with you to the store.  This system will work great for a single person who may not be in need of a lot of products.

 Coupon Box – You can make your own coupon box using a recipe box or other small storage container and your  choice of dividers and/or envelopes. I have a coupon box that is filled with coupons that I get from stores once I check out. I picked up mine from Michael’s (the arts & crafts store).  Be sure to use a coupon to save on your coupon box purchase!

File/Clip/Print As You Go – This is the method that I use.   File your coupon inserts and printable coupon sheets and clip only what you need for the week. If you are utilizing blogs like this one when preparing your grocery lists each week, the location of each coupon will be spelled out for you.  All that you have to do is know where to go to find the coupon.

Coupon Binder – Coupon binders are exactly what they sound like… binders with page protectors that store all of your coupons in one place.  Most couponers use baseball card holders to hold the coupons.  The best way to organize the binder is to section them of into categories such as dairy, meat, snacks, health & beauty etc.

Be sure to choose a method that works for you.  You may want  to test out a few methods to determine what works best.  With everything that you do have a "Happy Couponing". 

Antoinette Peterson is one of the couponers featured on TLC's Extreme Couponing and Extreme Couponing All Stars.  She is also a regular on the weekly radio show Cocktails and Conversation.  Her popular website is a great place for money saving tips, access  to the latest coupons and sales and rebates that are available.

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