Friday, May 18, 2012

Rounding up our Panelist Cast | JrTheBossMan

Last to be introduced but certainly NOT least is JrTheBossMan, recent Masters' degree grad.  Whoot Whoot!  If it's one thing we've found out about listening to his show is that he's funny, he LIVES sports and he has an opinion and has NO problem telling you what it is.  So without further adieu meet The Boss Man:

Relationship Quote: "If you base your relationship off of what a comedian turn "alleged" love doctor has to say, my lady, you gonna be SINGLE like a PRINGLE."

Jermaine is the name, keeping it real is my thing. Better known to the masses as JR or most frequently JR The Bossman.

JR is a recent Masters' graduate from Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN, where he also received his Bachelors' degree from as well. He splits time between the cities of Nashville, Atlanta and Orlando, when he's not on the road covering a NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL or some other pertinent event live.

JR hosts his own sports show on BlogTalkRadio nightly at Midnight ET/11 PM CT and weekends at 6PM ET/5PM CT

Besides talking sports, JR loves talking relationships, JR believes that women should be held accountable and taken to task in the same manner that mainstream media takes men to task. He is not afraid to call women on the stuff that they do. He calls it how he sees it, whether you like or NOT, he doesn't care. Because the truth is what it is and it will set you free.

Follow JRTheBossMan at:
Twitter: @jrthebossman @bossmanshow

There you have it @Talk2Q @MyTrueSpeech @MrChristian1906 and @JRTheBossMan all on our show Saturday with our Fashion Segment with @perceptionandco.  Take your vitamins, this one is gonna be HOT!

Set your alarm for 5/19, 8 am EST

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