Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Meet our Panelist | Talk 2 Q

We are finally ready to talk relationships with the fellas. Joining us this week are 4 brave men and The Divas would like to introduce you to our first victim (LOL).

Relationship Quote:

"Some people mistake tolerance for love. They think to themselves, 'since I put up with you, then I must love you.'"


Marital Status: Married in 2002 to the lady I affectionately call "The Mrs."
Kids: None. However, I have two wonderful godchildren: Devan (DOB: 2003) and Erin (DOB: 2006).

About me:

I'm old school. Being blessed with a two-parent household as a child, I was raised with many traditional values from the Old South. Examples: taking my hat/cap off before entering someone's home, holding a door for a lady to enter first, a firm handshake, making eye contact when speaking with people, and being accountable for my actions to name a few. As crazy as it sounds, those things are becoming a lost art. Too many boys out there lack the man training that is necessary to continue the dwindling cycle of main components of manhood. Pride, responsibility and accountability have been replaced with entitlement, dependency and deflection. My goal is to return things to the way they should be.

Well, well, well we certainly can't wait to get his "some things just need to be said" approach to relationships this Saturday. Q's info is below please be sure to follow him and his weekly BlogTalk show. More guest intros coming soon. Get your cocktail glass ready!

To get to know Q more:

Radio show: and
Facebook: Thank Que

Upcoming events:

On May 29th @ 10 PM EDT, @MyTrueSpeech will return to my show to do a sequel to "Knowledge is Power." It will be called "Hungry for Knowledge" and it will also feature the return of a young lady named Mylauney Billups (Queens, NY - @CherryLetters). The Talk 2 Q Radio Show airs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays @ 10 PM EDT.


  1. I can't wait for the show! I'm honored to speak to you two!

  2. We are going to have lots of fun Saturday. Get ready. :)


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