Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dirty Martini | Confessions

Somebody needs a shave!
Mr. Raymond (Usher that is)  has gotten himself into a little thing called a custody battle with his ex and they are playing all the durty durty out in court.  Below are court reporters notes from the, well let's call it event of Raymond VS. Raymond.  Notes in RED provided by MOI.


Usher showed up at Tameka's house with his girlfriend Grace Miguel.

Tameka started hitting him, throwing food and spitting at his girlfriend. (Basically going HAM)

Tameka approached him and Grace and "wanted to fight." He said that Tameka walked up to the car and said, "I'm gonna kick your a@!. B_____ get out of the car. How dare you bring this woman into my subdivision in my house?" 
He added, "She continued to spit.  At this point she pulled the door open, tried to swing at her." <-----WOW


Okay kiddies, that's enough, let's remember your babies are watching what ya'll do.  Ush you shoulda listened to your Mama on this one.  Sometimes we really do know what's best.  For now I'd say don't take your boo-thang over to Tameka's its obvious she don't play that!




  1. OMG that is so sad. I hope they are able to resolve this matter quickly because in the end it's the little ones that get hurt.

  2. Exactly and they are young now but the history is online for years to come.


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