Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5 Things I Can't Live Without | Tiffany Current

Ladies...You've seen Think Like A Man so now you know how to get him to move to the next stage but how do you keep him there?  Well this week's guest can tell you just that.  Meet author of  the comically induced "How To Move In With Your Boyfriend (And Not Break Up With Him)", Tiffany Current and check out the 5 things she can't live without.

1) Phone - Yes, I am an iPhone junky.  I love using it to text friends, send tweets, surf the web, watch movies, and google map my way to the next location.

2) Television - More specifically trashy television.  Whether it's The Vampire Diaries,  Gossip Girl, or Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, trashy TV helps me appreciate the non-drama in my own life.  (The Divas agree she's our kinda girl!!!)

3) Family & Friends - I wouldn't be me without them, so I couldn't live without them either.

4) ChapStick - Blame it on habit or my chronic dry lips, but ChapStick is a must for every hour of the day.

5) Chocolate - There's a reason why the phrase "death by chocolate" exists.  Because if I had to choose, chocolate's definitely the best way to go.

Yes she definately belongs in the CnC club.  Anyone that can't live without chocolate is top-notch in our book.  Listen in on Saturday and chat with The Divas and Tiffany and learn more about how to keep that man of yours happy.  We will also have our Entertainment Girlfriend @KristynBurtt on the show and a special announcement from @chefamedaus.  Wow when we have a Cinco de Mayo celebration we really do it big. 

Click here to listen to the show on 5/5/12, 8AM EST: www.blogtalkradio.com/cocktailsandconversations

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