Friday, May 18, 2012

Another HEAVY Hitta for our #MenTalk Panelist | Harvey Christian

Harvey has been chatting with us all week about #MenTalk and The Divas think he just might give us more trouble than the rest on the panel.  Just remember Harvey it's all done in fun!  :)  Get to know Mr. Christian.


Harvey Christian
Detroit, Michigan
married 12 years to Nicole
(2) children Noah 7, Haley 3

Relationship Quotes: 1) Always remember, God does not promise you life will be easy but he does promise to be there with you every step of the way.
2) Marriage is a journey.
3) You may not always "like" your spouse but you should always love and respect each other.

I was born, raised and educated in Detroit, Michigan. My parents divorced when I was 4. I was raised by my mother. She ruled with an iron fist. She was a mother that knew she could raise me to be an adult but understood she could not make me a man. So, she made sure I had strong male influences, my uncles. The man I have become is because of her and them.

I have been married 12 years. I see myself as old and new school. I have northern sensibilities and southern values. I believe I have a responsibility to be the spiritual head of my household. I should also be a provider. I do not however believe I should be the sole provider if that is not what my wife wants. Nor am I the "boss". My wife and I are equal partners in our corporation. The table in our "board room" is round. We work together for the good of our family and the happiness of our marriage.

We are diggin' your bow-tie style, we think our resident Fashionista @perceptionandco will love it too.  Oh don't forget she's on the show this Saturday too.  Well one more panelist to introduce to you all and then Erika and Robin will be getting some rest for Round 1 of #MenTalk.

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