Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Should you Expect for Him to Pay for the Date?

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Robin's Take

We chatted this up last week on the show and the consensus was that YES a man (a real one at least) should pay the tab on the first date.  If it were up to me he should pay on all dates from then on.  I mean isn't that what your mama taught you?  I saw this article on one of my favorite FB friends pages and can agree with most of what the author wrote. It's from a males perspective and he suggest that the first date is the guys responsibility but as the relationship develops some equal sharing of date events is recommended.  Hmmm...I mean I don't mind getting the popcorn on movie night but don't go slipping me the bill at Grand Lux.  IJS

Erika's Take

Seeing that I have been out of the "dating scene" for well over 20 years my views of this subject may be well....out of date.  However when I was actually "dating" my philosophy was that the man should be the one to pick up the tab for the date.  It was/is also my belief that the man should open up the doors (car included) and help the lady to her seat as well.  For all the dates there after, I believe that the man should expect to "pay" for the date however the woman can offer to split the bill or pay for drinks.  After you have established the "relationship" then I too agree with the author of the blog post Single Black Male:Should Women Still Expect Men To Pay For Dates? that there should be a discussion on who pays for what in the relationship.  I'm all about letting the man/woman know what the dating expectations are up front so that there will be no surprises/disappointments as the relationship progress.  There is nothing wrong with buying the drinks, or snacks at the movies or even splitting the dinner tab sometime, but let me offer.  Don't ask "me" out and then expect to slide the bill to me when it's time to pay because you will surely find yourself busting suds to cover your half of the bill while I have moved on to the next one!

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