Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend in Review

Robin and I were two very busy little bees this past weekend.  With the weather being absolutely perfect in both California and Georgia we both decided to get out and enjoy it.

Many of you know by now, I am participating in a Get Fit Challenge sponsored by Suwanee Magazine.  As we start to wrap up the 4th month in the competition things are not looking too good for me on the weight loss front.  With my children being out of school for the summer and vacationing, let's just say that I haven't been eating the "right" foods and exercising as much as I should.  And no, exercising two times in two weeks doesn't count.  This past weekend I recommitted to the challenge and to myself to get healthy and fit.  And to kick things off, me and a few of my fellow Get Fitters laced up our shoes and filled our water bottles and took a little hike (2 miles up and down) Stone Mountain.  This was my first time hiking the mountain...heck this was my first time hiking anywhere but boy did I have a GOOD time!  There were some parts of the mountain that were a little tricky and steep but once we reached the top and looked out, it was all worth it.  I had so much fun, I think I will drag one of my kids with me the next time.

You can read more my participation in the Get Fit Challenge here and here.
Event Diva week in review 7-23-2012

So while I was outside hiking and sweating up a storm, my partner in crime (PIC) Robin was out hobnobbing while enjoying some great LIVE music at the Sans Dimas Jazz Fest.  Some of the amazing performers who were there included Kenny G, Kem, Jill Scott, Will Downing, Dave Koz and Charlie Wilson just to name a few.

Style Diva week in review 7-23-2012(2)
From the look at some of her posts on Facebook not only was she enjoying the royal V.I.P. treatment, she was also racking up some great interviews for our blog/show!

I don't know about you, but I can wait to chat with her to get the scoop!

What did you get into this past weekend?

Wishing you a fantastic week!

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