Saturday, December 10, 2011

#Hotness | BLAZE by Solar Active

BLAZE Laquer by SolarActive is one HOT nail polish. This sun-activated color changing nail lacquer is hands down the DIVAS’ pick this season.  I've seen cars change colors but now ladies we have one up on the boys! That's right we can have it one way in the office and when you leave to head for drinks with the girls BLUP BLUP your polish will change colors as soon as you hit the sun. Not only do these colors pop but you get the benefit of being a sexy chameleon.  As the StyleDIVA I was so excited to get my hands on this new product and give it a test run, so off to the nail salon I went and check this cool color out

I wonder how the Event Diva enjoyed her color changing polish................

Event Diva | I was very excited to get the 2 bottles of BLAZE nail polish in the mail.  We received the Pop Pink to Plum Twist and Sparkelicious to Red Hott Mama to try.  My mini me and I loved the colors that we decided to paint our toes the Pop Pink to Plum Twits and our finger nails Sparkelicious to Red Hott Mama.  After getting all diva-fied we went outside to put the polish to the test and we were not disappointed.  It was fun watching the color change right before our eyes…and the colors were amazing!!!!!  My fav is the Sparlelicious to Red Hott Mama…this is one color that I will be rocking this winter, for sure!


Red Hott Mama...after

Nice huh? Well don't fret you to can get a bottle of BLAZE at any mass retailer world wide for only $7.95 - $12.95 it's like getting two nail polishes for one cool price! Oh and of course you can swoop up a bottle on their site

They will also have a new spring line coming in 2012 so DIVAs be on the lookout! 

The writers of this review were not compensated financially but was graced with a true GRATIS of products in order to provide an accurate review on said products.   

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