Friday, December 9, 2011

25 Days of Christmas | Day 11

25 Days of Christmas | Day 11

You've heard Coach Steph give you REAL relationship advice on our show so now it's time to get the detailed book so you don't miss a step. The Book of Bye is on sale at Amazon for you to purchase for that former Boo that won't lose your number. Yes you know the one, he wore the wrong outfit to your last Christmas party and you had to cut him off. Even Kayne ain't that whack! Trust the Divas when he gets this book in the mail it will be like giving a gift to yourself because he will finally learn how to say bye- bye bad relationships (yours) and hello to some other desperate soul. Not like you were desperate, wait honey maybe you should get a copy for yourself too. For the HAUTE price of $9.97 you can afford it. 

Happy reading!

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