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25 Days of Christmas - Day 21

25 Days of Christmas | Day 21
Holiday Glam

Fatima Tan’ia joins the Divas for a guest post on Holiday Glam.  Check out  what the owner of Perception & Co and Celeb Stylist has to tell you about prepping for the most important parties of the Holiday Season. 

The holidays are here and women are contemplating on what to wear this year. However the question most women ponder over is what do I wear? For some this is an easy question, but for most women the decision on what to wear is a complete nightmare. It is important to have a general idea of what you would like to wear. First, check your invites so you are aware of the dress code. It would be a tragedy to show up to an event that is formal and you are dressed semi-formal. When deciding what to wear it is important that you know the difference with what you can wear to a work holiday party versus a night out with friends.

 Red, green, silver, white, black and gold are typical holiday colors, but you are not limited to those specific shades. With whatever color you choose, the goal is to get away from your normal routine. When dressing for a night out with friends you do not want to appear as if you are trying too hard to stand out nor do you want to look like you’ve just clocked out from work. The holidays are a time to look sizzling hot and step out of your comfort zone a little no matter what your measurements are. Be yourself with a slight edge.

There are some key factors to remember when getting your ensemble ready for the upcoming holiday festivities with your friends:

  • A bold color is perfect and will make a statement.
  • Accessories can be added but are not a necessity if your outfit choice is super glamorous. Allow your wardrobe to take center stage.
  • If you decide on a neutral colored outfit you can get extremely edgy with your accessories.
  • Sparkle (metallic fabric and sequin) is always a plus but you have to choose the right silhouette. You want to have the shine without looking like the lighting of a Christmas tree or wreath. You do not want to sparkle from head to toe.
  • When all else fails wear black. You cannot go wrong with an LBD (little black dress). It is timeless and classic.
  • Do not wear an outfit that is ill fitted. Tailoring is a key component to making sure your clothing fits well. The thing to remember is if you couldn’t fit it 10 pounds ago and would now have to squeeze into it, leave it in the closet.
When dressing for a company holiday party you want to keep the following in mind:

  • Be sure to dress appropriately for the function you're attending. It is your responsibility to know the dress code and if you are unsure of what it is ask immediately. Many people make the mistake of assuming an office party is an open invitation to show off their individuality and let off steam. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being yourself but remember you are still at work. You do not want to wear an over the top party dress in front of the CEO of your company.
  • Do not wear a low-cut or skin-tight cocktail dress.
  • Stay away from anything that lights up or is excessively festive (holiday costumes).

When choosing what to wear you have to select what you feel beautiful in, otherwise you will be uncomfortable and lack confidence. The most important thing in dressing for the holidays is to remember to dare to be different, be bold but be sure you love what you are wearing.

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