Saturday, December 24, 2011

StyleDIVA's 2011 Reality Remix

StyleDIVA's 2011 Reality Remix
We have been Housewived, BBW'd from both coasts, lost big on the Biggest Loser, Danced with the Stars (even though Rene Syler, aka GOOD ENOUGH MOTHER hasn't been added to the cast yet!), Xfactored and Love and Hip Hopped Out. And oh we can't forget our wedding Boos David Tutera, the Party Planner and Diann Valentine for their weekly dose of wedding scruptiousness. ... We never missed an episode for fear that our twitter TL (@bossip especially) would be blown up with all the haps and we couldn't comment! That would NEVA do. A girls DVR became her best friend and all the Shake It Up episodes the kids taped seemed to have gotten -- deleted.

How much longer will this phenom of reality TV last...well I can't predict. But I hope its around long enough to get the Divas into a rotation...Hello VH1, Bravo and WE are ya hearing this????

So in 2012 what can a Diva wish for Santa to add to her stocking? Here's my list of 5 things I'm asking for?

1. Peter and Cynthia to take a consultation with Black Love And to help them get it tight and right!
2. A look at just how these men pick some of their Basketball Wives or girlfriends or baby's mama's....the NBA must not have a course for this in rookie camp.
3. XFactor when you have a star like Melanie just give her the contract and cut the bull.
4. Jimmy marry Crissy. But if he doesn't Crissy show him a Lil Emily and keep ya options open. I'm sure Coach Steph of would give you a nice rate to play matchmaker.
5. Can Taylor just explain her behavior on this season of Real Housewives of BH...I mean it's just plain old bizzare.

I'm sure there is more that I could ask Santa for but I don't wanna be greedy. BUT Santa if you could give Idris Elba Fan Page a reality show where he's looking to date a HAUTE THICK Diva I'll be good as good can be.

Have a joyous Holiday and be sure to tune into our first show of the New Year in January.

StyleDIVA Out!

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