Thursday, December 1, 2011

25 Days of Christmas | Day 3

25 Days of Christmas | Day 3

The perfect hostess gift this season for the Divas is coming from Soaptopia.   

Please remember your manners DIVAs and take a little something with you to those home holiday parties to say thanks.  Now the little jewels in the Market Bar3-Pack Gift Packs that can be found at their Mar Vista store are amazing and the staff is just like the scents in the store, warm and inviting.  Some of our top pick scents are: Ms Afro D. Sheak, LA Squeeze and Ocean’s 12 – these handmade soaps not only have scent appeal but your skin will soak up the citrus, seaweed and lemon deliciousness!  What else is so great…the price, they are the right price to give, give, give.  Soaps range in price from $6.95 (single bar) to $18.00 (3 pk gift sets) and can be purchased directly from their website or at the store.  SHOPPERS WARNING – if you go into the store you might just end up buying for everyone on your shopping list because the variety is just too redonkulous.   

We leave you with this...
LOVE & BE LOVED…ONE LOVE – the store’s mantra!

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