Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Giveaway | 50 Ways to keep your Lova!

GIVEAWAY | Help the Divas to come up with 50 ways to KEEP your Lova!  That's right we are helping build strong couples.  This Saturday the Divas will be having cocktails and chatting with the dynamic duo behind the popular blog Black Love and Marriage Ayize and Aiyana Ma’at.  Share with us some things you do, or would do to help keep the flame burning in your relationship.

The best part is if you help us with the list you are entered to win 2 pints of delish ice cream from Sex Scene Ice Cream shipped directly to you. 

To enter:

1. Share with us some ideas on how you keep your relationship HOT in the comments section below this post that we can add to our 50 ways to KEEP your Lova list.

2. Type a comment on our FB page of one idea/suggestions/activity (let's keep it as PG as possible) that you do to keep the spice in your relationship.  ie.  holding hands, drawing her bath water, making his favorite meal or watching this past Sunday night’s epi of ROHA (Lord knows that was spicy enuf!) Then come back to this post and leave us a comment letting us know.

3. Tweet us @cocktailsnconvo with a suggestion to add to our 50 ways to KEEP your Lova list.  Use the #50WAYS Then come back to this blog post and let us know you tweeted.

All entries must be submitted by Friday 12/2 11:59 am EST.  The winner will be selected by and will be announced on our show on Saturday.

Can't wait to see what you Love Muffins come up with. 
Ready, Set, Go................................

This contest is now closed.


  1. leave little love notes in his Lunch and on the remote control. Lol!!!

  2. BigSisTP - I love it, on the remote! Mine is put his favorite scent his favorite place

  3. I have her bath water waiting at the perfect temp,dinner prepared for when she's ready to eat. And after that, massage her body and rub her feet until she's totally relaxed, then 'I JUST LISTEN ABOUT HER DAY, WHETHER GOOD OR BAD, I LISTEN.'

  4. Ok magicman2164 I see u. Thanks for the comment. Listen in on Saturday 8am est when we talk to @blkluvnmarriage about relationships.

  5. 1. Date night! Recreate the time when all we wanted to do was make sure we both stayed in love. Before we started a family and had to split our time to handle responsibilities.
    2. Sexual Exploration (within reason LOL) we need to experience new things together to keep each other guessing and wanting more ;).
    3 .Honest communication so no animosity builds causing tension and separation.
    4. Spending time with friends and family separately allows us to miss each other.
    5. Minimal nagging; men and women nag...STOP IT, it is not attractive!
    6. Spontaneous massage...this always leads to passionate love making.
    7. No interruption while watching football! Ladies pay attention to this one. Interruptions during the game are so annoying (I hate it most!).
    8. Keeping family and friends out of our relationship; no explanation required!
    9. Well groomed (even though we all have bad days) so you are always appealing to your mate.
    10. Cook together…beautiful creations are made in the kitchen ;)

  6. This is what I would suggest to my Brides & Grooms to have a happy lasting marriage:

    "play dress up & role play"
    "candles & music to set the mood"
    "salsa dance date night"
    "weekend spa getaway"
    "naked twister" lol
    "dinner cruise"

    Keep It Spicy, Have a Happy Marriage!! ;-)

    Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC

  7. Back rubs and massages when they least expect it.

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