Sunday, September 30, 2012

Super Mom for September - Dr. Keli Koran-Luchey

Super Mom of the Month

Dr. Keli Koran-Luchey

Meet our Super Mom of the Month Keli Koran-Luchey.  Keli is a HS School Counselor by day and a Life Coach as well as a Super Mom.  When we asked Keli what made her a Super Mom she said, “While juggling many "capes", I am most proud and work the hardest at being the mother of a ten year old son. As a divorced, single mother, David James (also known as DJ; also known as Deejer) is the light of my world and the wind that keeps me "flying in my cape".

As all us Super Moms know there are certain things we just can’t live without.  Keli is no different and her no deal breaker is having God in her life.  She also lives by the philosophy of wanting to be the CHANGE she wants to see in the world and believes that who much is given much is required.   She knows this oh so well by owning her own nationwide company Lucid Pathways, LLC where she provides personal counseling to those of all ages.

Not only does Keli fly around in her super cape taking care of Deejer but she holds some significant educational hardware.  She has 2 BAs, 2 Masters and a Ph.D!  But as all us Super Moms know sometimes even the women with the cape can fall short on her daily grind.  Once Keli left her son at school because she misread the school calendar and missed a ½ day BUT to the rescue came her terrific parents that she says she couldn’t do without.  Hey, we all have one of those Mom Moments for sure!

For 2013 she has a goal to start writing her book and she’s been reading some interesting reads too.  She recommends Skirts in the Boardroom by Marshawn Evans and Mrs. Right by Tony Gaskins.  How on earth does she fit it all in?  One way she says is by not sweating the small stuff and picking and choosing her battles.  Can you say woosah – that’s some great advice!

Keli’s typical day reads much like many Super Moms but when she told us about how much multi-tasking rolls into her normal daily plan we were impressed.  This Delta commits to her son, work, hustle and wraps it all up by taking time for of herself by sipping on her favorite cocktail that she likes to call the Raspberry Zing.  You’ll have to tune into this week’s show for the recipe.   Did we also mention that she co-host a local show in NY called “Chatting 4 Purpose” on 1080 AM?  Ah yeah, she’s definitely deserving of being honored our Super Mom for September, we are grateful to give this title to her and must tell DJ that he is one lucky kid.  Fly on Super Mom Fly on!

Super Moms link up and follow each other.  You can follow Keli on Twitter @lucidpathways and on Facebook at Lucid Pathways         
Superstar moment
I promised myself that in 2012 I would think outside of the box and pursue every dream envisioned.  This led me to host 2 overnight retreats and take my Women’s Empowerment Series “Sisters Circle” on the road. 

Think you are a Super Mom or want to nominate someone that is?  Email us at and share your/their story. 



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