Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Are you FitSugar?

I've fallen in love with FitSugar, this incredible fitness website covers everything dealing with fitness.  Erika and I have fallen in love with fitness this year not because we are crazy health nuts but because just basically...we were tired of seeing that image of someone in the mirror that we didn't recognize.  She wasn't bad looking but she had some bulges, some extra thangs in places where they just seriously didn't belong and maybe even some dare we say....cellulite....clutch the pearls.  So we are on a quest.  Not a skinny quest but a quest none the less.  So both of us have started running - no not marathons but running to burn all the years of overindulging and underexercising.

I found this great "beginner" workout for new runners that helped me get rid of that burning in my shins.  Who knew by increasing the incline you wouldn't feel like someone is behind you whipping your shins with a flogger (thanks Anastasia 50 Shades of Grey for that word reference).  Well check out the article and if you are just getting into running try the tips, you know we love to chat it up so comments here are appreciated.  Maybe you are a pro at this and you could give us even more tips so that box below is for comments from you - YES you get to be the STAR on our blog!  Yes we're awesome we know - JUST LEAVE A COMMENT!  Okay we think you get the point.  Happy running!

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