Monday, September 16, 2013

Make Mine A Double Monday | What can AM exercise do for you?

I have found that getting it in early is really a plus for me and after reading a recent article I am in complete agreement that I'm doing it right.  At least for me that is.  Here are a few reasons why that AM workout really is the best option!

"Borrowed" from
Getting in that AM workout can help you avoid bad food choices during the day

The gym locker room is spic and span first thing in the morning – you might even get a private
"Borrowed" from keepitmovingfitness
locker space

Reduce that stress for any folks that want to combat your day.  Think that erratic driver checking their text on their morning drive...opps that's me :)

If your workout gear hasn’t been re-vamped since Jane Fonda no one will know if you go in the AM to workout

No night time workout in your way to block you from watching T. I. and Tiny or the Braxtons…nuh huh you can until the alarm goes off for tomorrow’s early workout.  


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