Sunday, September 1, 2013

Good Life | Work IT Out

The Divas are always trying to keep in good shape and the StyleDIVA is taking it to the gym fa-real!  You can check out my progress on the blog.  Talk about a before and after, I'm taking you all the way with me.  These exercises are getting me into shape...I've seen some major inches disappear.  Give them a try and please forgive the hair (ya'll know I'm not happy in hairland these days) I'd done my cardio right before and the sweat was pouring.  If you have some more exercise suggestions or a great "clean and easy" eating plan send it to us at

That ROPE!  I love it.  Can't you hear the Wonder Women theme in the background?  I can do this and if you are on a weight loss journey you can too!  Let's do it together. 



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