Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Glam | Lips for Fall 2013

Throwing on your favorite lip shade can make all the difference when running out in the morning.  One reason why I love lipstick so much is because it can give you a nice simple look for a low cost.  Well mostly low cost.....some of these designers I tell ya. 

When researching colors for the Fall 2013 season I found that RED was still on the top of the list for most bloggers and beauty mags.  Some are also featuring a really pretty plum (or bruised plum) like this one by Tom Ford.  I totally name this color VAMP! 

Seems that the pinks of summer are turning into darker shades of the hue as seen in Chanel Rouge Coco Shimmer Hydrating Lip Shine in Rouge ($34).  Wow that name is a mouthful all in itself.  I think I'm still going to rock my bright pinks though, something about that color makes me feel all girly. This is one of my favs by Revlon Pink Pop (4 bucks!)

Off to Sephora to try out some new eye shades and wrinkle cream (gasp!)  40 and Sexy is more than a weight loss challenge honey.  Got a favorite Fall lipcolor?  Send us a picture of you and your cute pout: cocktailsandconversation.divas@gmail.com Catch ya later!

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