Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Glam | Mission Organization - MakeUp

I was really fortunate to receive an opportunity to attend an event a few weeks ago from the makers of Zyrtec.  Living in Bakersfield it is so easy to get allergies.  It is unfortunately inevitable with all the lovely dust flying around.  That's why when Social Moms put out a call for help for allergy sufferers to get make up strategies I as ALL over it.  These allergies aren't going to kill my vibe. 

One of the major things that surprised me during the event was the reminder about how long you should keep your make up.  After reading the information I figured it would be a great idea to go through my own make up and get rid of all the old and replace with the new.  Of course I had to take our followers along on this journey with me.  Click on the video below and see how much make up I had to get rid of and what I was left with.  Let's just say Operation Restock is going to take place soon.

Thanks again Social Moms, Zyrtec and the team at Macy's Century City for a great time and even better information. 

With Style,

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