Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Dirty Martini

Star Jones is trying to throw talk show host Anderson Cooper under the bus. She's claiming he only "came out" for ratings?  Hmm...come on now Star would we really know who you were if you hadn't been chosen to be on The View and exploit your marriage to Al Reynolds.  How many freebies did you get for that lil shindig?  I ain't mad but pot you need to stop calling the kettle black or gay.  Whatever, just keep it moving.  Luckily you are still somewhat relavant!

A glowing Amber Rose was out and about shopping this week sporting that WizBump.  I'm still not understanding it but HEY whatever makes you happy Mama.  Love that dress and Chanel sandal.  She's dressing better these days - please don't make me eat these words next week. 

 Random: BTW Anderson I can't decide who is the cutest between you and Andy...oh a DIVA can dream.

WOWSERS of the Week:
Poor Sheree was mistaken for a drag queen again.  Welp you look at this pic and be the judge

Apparently TV Guide mistook her picture for that of recently deceased Drag Queen Sahara Davenport.  Sahara was a contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race and died this week at a very young age, reasons for the death have not been disclosed.  I hate to have to giggle at this part but Sheree tweeted TV Guide, expressed her condolences and then asked that her photo be removed from the site.  Do-Do-Do!  Our buddy in our head Andy Cohen then tweeted this:

 And your Dirty Martini has been served.  Come back next week for ever more giggles!

With Style,


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