Friday, October 19, 2012

Every Way Woman TV Appearance

Many of you know I had an opportunity to appear on a local cable station program and YES I'm still smiling from the experience.  Well the debut has finally come and of course I just have to share it with the greatest fans EVER!  But before you view here are a few things I learned from this experience.

1.  The camera adds more pounds then I want to ever remember, so yep you guessed it - DIET TIME again.  Great

How I feel about #1
2.   Talking about Cocktails and Conversation without my PIC isn't as much fun - Erika you need to get on a jet plane out here!

3.  I can really really talk - I mean I had like no idea - REALLY!

And lastly the ladies of Every Way Woman are just the ABFAB!  We had an awesome time and you'll be able to tell from our interview.  So grab your favorite cocktail and click play and enjoy a few great laughs with the StyleDIVA and the ladies of Every Way Women TV.

The ladies of Every Way Woman

With Style,



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