Sunday, October 21, 2012

It's a Fashion Wrap

Hey guys!  Well unfortunately the video from my time at #HauteCurves didn't make it through production.  Lost in Translation is how I'm titling this one.  Any whoos some of the highlights can be found in the YouTube video below but I also want to share with you my winner of the Haute Ass Outfit of the Night.  It goes to the blogger extraordinare behind Girl With Curves, Tanesha Awasthi.


She told me she was channeling Carrie Bradshaw!  I say she knocked it out the park for sure.  I also had to ask just how many shoes she had in her closet.  What do you think?  50 was her guess, I'd be willing to bet there might be a few more than that.  Thanks for chatting Tanesha, your blog is AMAZING, keep doing what you are doing for the curvy community. 

So here's the highlight reel from #HauteCurves.  I'll have some great interviews coming up soon from some of the show participants so be sure to check back often.  Hey just go on and click SUBSCRIBE and you'll get your own personal version in your inbox!  Also remember it only takes a MOMENT to COMMENT so leave us some words below.

Be sure to listen to the Podcast from the show yesterday ====> it's right over there.  We chatted with Celeb Stylist Fatmia Tan'ia of Perception and Co on whatelse?  FASHION.  Get your cocktail, sit in your favorite chair and enjoy!

With Style,


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