Wednesday, October 3, 2012

5 Questions with Jennifer Davis and G.K. Bowes

This Saturday we not only have Hollywood Go to Girl Kristyn in the studio but special guests Jennifer Davis of the P.I.N.K. Foundation and her good girlfriend G. K. Bowes.  Well talk to Jennifer about her foundation and how she selected G. K. Bowes to represent her foundation in the So Cal Natural Beauty Pageant.  But for now get to know them with these 5 questions.....

                        Photo: ‎Show guests this week, Jennifer Davis of @pinksisters and G.K. Bowes, Ms. P.I.N.K. from the #SoCalNaturalBeautyPageant‎

Jennifer said.....

1. Favorite place to hang with your children?
I have a different favorite place for each child. My daughter, Jocelyn, aka my mini-me and I like to hang at the nail shop and hairdresser. She's truly a girl and already a little style diva. My middle son, Justin-Christopher, his favorite place is the movie theater. His Dad usually takes him so when I do it' a real treat for both of us. Now my new man, Josiah, the baby our favorite place to hang out is in the bed with the door closed to keep everyone else out nursing. I don't know why but nursing this baby is really something special and I'm not sure I want it to end.
2. Dream car is a Mercedes- Benz GLK550!!!!!! (I will have one in the next 5 years, just wait)

3. If you were a reality TV Star who would you be?

Okay, I don't watch much reality TV heck I hardly watch any TV so I had to ask my FB and Twitter fam for help on this one and I agree with what they came up with. I'm a cross between Tami Roman and Shaunie O'Neal from BBW. Here's why I'm like Tami because I don't take any mess from people and am quick to tell people how it is. Plus she is a survivor and will have the back of her friends which really describes me. I've survived so much and I have folks back that I shouldn't have, but anywho. I'm also like Shaunie because she's in charge and runs the show but she's not the focal point. And Shaunie just like me is a mother first and everything else is second fiddle.

4. Favorite color and why?

Are you serious???? PINK!!! I actually hated pink growing up because it was my mom's favorite and anything to piss her off was what I liked. But, the minute I looked in my daughter's eyes I fell in love with pink. It's my daughter's favorite too LOL!

5. If you went to the Country Fair what would be your favorite food to eat?

Me and my babies go every year and my favorite thing to still eat is the roasted corn with the butter, mayonnaise, seasoning salt, and spices.
G. K. said......(hey what does that stand for by the way?)
1.  Favorite place to hand with your children:
I'm a total homebody.  I love to hang out at home and watch the boys play in the pool.  Sometimes we have family game night and play card or board games.  Those are special times.
2.  Dream car is the Maserati Gran Turismo.
3.  If you were a reality TV Star who would you be?  I could never be a reality TV star.  Even though I feel like my life is an adventure, I don't think I'd want to share it with the world on a regular basis.  Although, I would love to host or narrate a reality show!  LOL
4.  Favorite color and why?  My favorite color is PINK.  I've always loved it since I was a little girl.  To me it represents femininity and love.   
5.  If you went to the Country Fair what would be your favorite food to eat?  Hmmmm, that's a tough one.  There's always so much yummy that's horrible for you, but tastes soooo good!  Probably some good 'ol fashioned, homemade fudge.
Sounds like both of these Fab Gals love fast cars and tasty treats.  DIVA APPROVED! We are for sure going to have lots to chat about and have a smashing good time.  This Saturday, 10/6 8AM EST and 5AM PST, Cocktails and Conversation Radio.


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