Tuesday, October 9, 2012

5 Questions with Patrice Washington - Author | Speaker | Coach

When we talked to Patrice Washington author of Real Money Answers, we knew she was going to make a fantastic show guest.  Not only is she informative but extremely entertaining.  You are going to love her take on, "A Man is Not Your Financial Plan".  But of course we had to give you a lil introduction before the woman takes to the studio, so get to know Patrice a bit more with these 5 questions.
1. If you were in a Soul Train line, what song would be playing and what dance would you be doing?
I've never been a true Soul Train line dancer, but when you're 6 feet with heels on, slender and kinda cute, most people usually let you get away with doing a hard Naomi Campbell walk down the line. :)

2. Most inexpensive date you've been on.
My husband and I have made a huge picnic basket lunch and just sat out on the front lawn and people watched. Best dates ever!

3. What is your favorite way to relieve stress?
My favorite way to relieve stress is having cocktails and conversations with my girls. . . Laughing is the biggest stress relief for me and I am blessed to have very crazy and entertaining friends!

4. Who would you stand in line to buy a ticket to see in concert?
Yea, so I don't think I'd stand in line to buy a ticket to ANY musical concert. Working in entertainment and getting FREE tickets to everything for awhile, may have spoiled me. . . But a ticket to meet, greet and hang with Shelley O (known to others as First Lady Obama)? Now, I might stand in line for that!

5. Power statements, something that gets you over the valleys in life - What's yours?
"I am who I say I am." Enough said.
Shelly O...hmmm we're wondering if it's more to the story than what Patrice is saying?  But you know The Divas will find out.  Check out Patrice this Saturday 8am EST on Cocktails and Conversation Radio.  We might even convince her to join us for the Wednesday Wind Down this week, stay tuned. 

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